Fashion and apparel shops at klia2

You will be impressed with wide selection of fashion and apparel shops available at the klia2. Come and check out all the affordable and quality apparel, graphic tees, polo tees, shirts, denim, bottoms, accessories, basic wear, footwear, smart casual wear, trendy accessories and more, all value for money, comfortable fashion for all ages. Shop them … Continue reading Fashion and apparel shops at klia2

T Bun at the klia2

T Bun from South Korea not only offers authentic milk tea / bubble tea, but also Korean specialty such as Korean Citron, Koran Grape Fruit, and Jeju Island Orange for Teas, Smoothies and Sparkling Juices. It also offers special bakeries like Kimchi Waffle, Kimchi Burger, Kimchi Panini and tea Flavoured Sandwiches. T Bun, klia2 Category … Continue reading T Bun at the klia2

Quick Nails at the klia2

Quick Nails at the klia2 accommodates new advanced automatic nail pattern drawing machines, and you can get your nail done in 60 seconds! Just select the pattern and the machine will automatically draw the pattern on your fingers! The color patterns are extremely accurate, it is really convenient! Quick Nails, klia2 Category Beauty and health … Continue reading Quick Nails at the klia2

T2 Nasi Kandar at the klia2

T2 Nasi Kandar offers traditional & well-known Malaysian Nasi Kandar delights to be enjoyed in Gateway@klia2 mall. All its halal ingredients are cooked using the finest quality spices and refined palm oil to deliver a unique blend of Malaysian Nasi Kandar cuisines. T2 Nasi Kandar’s experienced chefs have carried on the tradition of meticulously preparing … Continue reading T2 Nasi Kandar at the klia2

Soul Chicken at the klia2

Soul Chicken located at level 2 of the Gatewayklia2 mall has a fine selection of Korean ramenyeon, rice and drinks that you’ll love. Also, their trademark chicken comes in a variety of 3 flavours so no worries if you can’t take the heat! It offers original tastes of Korean fried chicken and some all-time Korean … Continue reading Soul Chicken at the klia2

iGADGET at the klia2

The iGADGET provides wide range of premium one stop travelling gear such as camera & lenses, mobile devices, noise cancelling headphones, power bank, USB charging cable, universal travel adapter, health care products, portable bluetooth speaker, in-house printing and many more. iGADGET, klia2 Category Electronic gadgets Lot & No L2-31, Level 2, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 6am … Continue reading iGADGET at the klia2