MAKAN & MINUM at Tune Hotel klia2, comfortable and relaxed oasis for fine dining and drinks

Only 5 minutes’ walk form Gateway@klia2 through covered walkway and link bridge, MAKAN at Tune Hotel klia2 offers a range of Asian favourites and Western delights served within the vibrant atmosphere of Tune Hotel klia2. Makan at Tune Hotel klia2 With its naturally lit, airy space surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass panels, the restaurant area reinterprets … Continue reading MAKAN & MINUM at Tune Hotel klia2, comfortable and relaxed oasis for fine dining and drinks

Plaza Premium Lounge at klia2, enjoy your time efficiently at the klia2 airport

The Plaza Premium Lounge, the world’s first independent airport lounge concept that is open to all travellers irrespective of airline or class of travel, is now available at klia2 airport! You can even find 2 Plaza Premium Lounge locations at klia2 terminal. The Plaza Premium Lounge welcomes and serves guests and travellers all around the … Continue reading Plaza Premium Lounge at klia2, enjoy your time efficiently at the klia2 airport

Summary of shops at the klia2

A total of 35,000 square meters of retail space is allocated to the shops at the klia2 Main Terminal Building, in addition to the shops at the Gateway@klia2 mall. Shops Distribution DEPARTURE HALL The Departure Hall is located at Level 3 of Sector 2 at the klia2. The entire Sector 2 is allocated for the … Continue reading Summary of shops at the klia2

Open your own shop at klia2

Got a business idea? looking to open your own shop at klia2 Main Terminal Building and its Piers? The following layout shows the shops distribution at the klia2 terminal that is organized by sectors. klia2 layout plan by sector To open your shop at klia2, please contact Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd (MAHB) at: +(603) 8777 … Continue reading Open your own shop at klia2

Specialty stores at klia2

Come to the specialty stores at the klia2 airport to check out a wide range of ‘NEW BUT OLD’ generation of tin-toy, collectibles & decorative pieces to the current and next generations. You can also see an array of electronic consumables from Cameras, lenses, photographic equipment, IT Peripherals to Lifestyle Electronics and Digital Imaging. People … Continue reading Specialty stores at klia2

Food and beverages shops at klia2

At the klia2 airport, you will be well pampered by all the wonderful food choices offered by the Food and Beverages shops. You will be overwhelmed by extensive fusion menu that guarantees a hearty meal. Over 300 varieties of Western, Indonesia, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Thai and Arabic cuisine are available to satisfy your stomach and … Continue reading Food and beverages shops at klia2

Fashion and apparel shops at klia2

You will be impressed with wide selection of fashion and apparel shops available at the klia2. Come and check out all the affordable and quality apparel, graphic tees, polo tees, shirts, denim, bottoms, accessories, basic wear, footwear, smart casual wear, trendy accessories and more, all value for money, comfortable fashion for all ages. Shop them … Continue reading Fashion and apparel shops at klia2

T Bun at the klia2

T Bun from South Korea not only offers authentic milk tea / bubble tea, but also Korean specialty such as Korean Citron, Koran Grape Fruit, and Jeju Island Orange for Teas, Smoothies and Sparkling Juices. It also offers special bakeries like Kimchi Waffle, Kimchi Burger, Kimchi Panini and tea Flavoured Sandwiches. T Bun, klia2 Category … Continue reading T Bun at the klia2

Quick Nails at the klia2

Quick Nails at the klia2 accommodates new advanced automatic nail pattern drawing machines, and you can get your nail done in 60 seconds! Just select the pattern and the machine will automatically draw the pattern on your fingers! The color patterns are extremely accurate, it is really convenient! Quick Nails, klia2 Category Beauty and health … Continue reading Quick Nails at the klia2

T2 Nasi Kandar at the klia2

T2 Nasi Kandar offers traditional & well-known Malaysian Nasi Kandar delights to be enjoyed in Gateway@klia2 mall. All its halal ingredients are cooked using the finest quality spices and refined palm oil to deliver a unique blend of Malaysian Nasi Kandar cuisines. T2 Nasi Kandar’s experienced chefs have carried on the tradition of meticulously preparing … Continue reading T2 Nasi Kandar at the klia2

Soul Chicken at the klia2

Soul Chicken located at level 2 of the Gatewayklia2 mall has a fine selection of Korean ramenyeon, rice and drinks that you’ll love. Also, their trademark chicken comes in a variety of 3 flavours so no worries if you can’t take the heat! It offers original tastes of Korean fried chicken and some all-time Korean … Continue reading Soul Chicken at the klia2

iGADGET at the klia2

The iGADGET provides wide range of premium one stop travelling gear such as camera & lenses, mobile devices, noise cancelling headphones, power bank, USB charging cable, universal travel adapter, health care products, portable bluetooth speaker, in-house printing and many more. iGADGET, klia2 Category Electronic gadgets Lot & No L2-31, Level 2, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 6am … Continue reading iGADGET at the klia2

Soxworld at the klia2

There’s no better place to stock up on socks than Malaysia’s leading socks manufacturer Soxworld. Soxworld, klia2 With everything from thick comfy legwarmers to ankle socks in every colour, school socks, dress socks – even ten-toed socks, there’s no question that you’ll find the ones you’re looking for here! Soxworld, klia2 Every is a SOXWORLD … Continue reading Soxworld at the klia2

Daily Fresh at the klia2

The ‘Daily Fresh‘ booth sells quick, simple, healthyand ready-to-snacks such as sweetcorn in a cup, waffles, gelato and popcorn. Daily Fresh, klia2 Category Food & Beverages Location L1-18, Level 1, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 8am – 10pm You can find the Daily Fresh booth located at level 1 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. Shops & Services at … Continue reading Daily Fresh at the klia2

BMS Organics Cafe at the klia2

BMS Organics Cafe is a café by BMS Organics. LOHAS stands for “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” which means healthy lifestyle, environmental friendly and sustainable living. BMS prepares the foods using only natural and organic ingredients without added any artificial or chemical additives, providing you a healthy and delicious authentic Malaysia cuisine, in the organic … Continue reading BMS Organics Cafe at the klia2

Watsons at the klia2

Watsons Personal Care Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is part of the Health and Beauty Store chain of A.S Watson, the largest health, beauty, cosmetics and perfumery retailer in the world. Today, Watsons H&B Asia is the leading health and beauty chain in the continent with successful operation in 9 markets (Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, … Continue reading Watsons at the klia2

7-Eleven at the klia2

As the single largest 24 hours convenience store chain in Malaysia, get ready to enjoy 7-Eleven’s huge variety of products including the latest Fresh to Go which offers a wide range of fresh packaged ‘halal’ food delivered daily. Among the offerings are Malaysian’s favourite Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang, salad, assorted sandwiches and much more … Continue reading 7-Eleven at the klia2

The Travel Store at the klia2

The Travel Store is a specialty store carrying numerous brands of luggages but in essence it is committed to help its customer to travel with ease, comfort and style. Come check out some of the finest selection of luggage bags at the store. You will like what you see. Here’s a combo deal that’s going … Continue reading The Travel Store at the klia2

Digi Store at the klia2

“Selamat datang” to all visitors. The Digi Store at Gateway@klia2 mall awaits your visit once you exit out of the Arrival Hall. While you are here, stay connected with Digi – one of Malaysia’s leading mobile service and Internet providers. You get the best international call rates as well as worry-free Internet access with Digi’s … Continue reading Digi Store at the klia2

Xing Fu Tang at the klia2

Xing Fu Tang focuses on bringing the most original brown sugar boba beverages to all bubble tea lovers in Malaysia. Following the ancient method, burning wood to cook sugar cane juice, and stirring manually for hours to make the perfectly mixed brown sugar. The hot syrup continues to blend in with fresh milk to give … Continue reading Xing Fu Tang at the klia2

Luo Han Tang at the klia2

Luo Han Tang is Malaysian born herbal tea and dessert soup concept store that brings you a series of mouth-watering homemade recipes. From the famous “Air Mata Kucing” to everyone lover “Pulut Hitam & Bubur ChaCha” and more. Whether you’re looking for a cold and refreshing bowl to quench your thirst in the hot weather, … Continue reading Luo Han Tang at the klia2

PappaRich at the klia2

PappaRich, is a fast casual dining restaurant that serves an extensive Malaysian Delights menu. Its menu is crafted from recipes passed down from generations, thus preserving the authenticity of truly Malaysian flavours and tastes. PappaRich’s Express menu features a good selection of all time Malaysian favourites like Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa, Roti Hainan served with … Continue reading PappaRich at the klia2

Pandora at the klia2

Pandora designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewellery made from genuine materials at affordable prices. Pandora was founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Pandora inspires women across the world to express their female individuality. Pandora’s feminine universe of jewellery made for you to create and combine. Choose from a wealth of charms, … Continue reading Pandora at the klia2

Polo Haus at the klia2

POLO HAUS was founded and entered into the market since 1983 and has been widely renowned as one of the top fashion clothing brands in Malaysia for men, ladies, kids and babies. With over 30 years of continuing excellence in the product design, it has expanded to 40 nationwide stores offering the finest products from … Continue reading Polo Haus at the klia2

Ages Ago at the klia2

Ages Ago wants to recall back your taste of memory! It has a simple menu for you to choose its specialty sesame oil chicken cooked in ether rice or mee suah. It also has side dishes like bean curd skin or cucumber and to wash it down with jelly drink. Ages Ago, klia2 Category Food … Continue reading Ages Ago at the klia2

I LOVE YOO! at the klia2

With the vision of bringing scrumptious traditional Chinese favourites in a modern setting to the masses, I LOVE YOO! aims to give food lovers a taste of traditional well-loved and familiar Chinese snacks with a modern twists. Yoo Tiao, also known as chinese doughnuts have long been part of daily life in China. Soy Milk … Continue reading I LOVE YOO! at the klia2

DirectD at the klia2

DirectD is your one stop solution to all your mobile phone and tablets needs. Direct D is now available at Gateway@klia2 mall! Come check out the latest smartphones, tablets and other cool accessories all at the best price at DirectD outlet. DirectD, klia2 Category Phone accessories and services Lot & No L2-76A, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations … Continue reading DirectD at the klia2

Canon at the klia2

The Canon outlet at the Gateway@klia2 mall offers a wide range of latest camerac, DSLR, system cameras, action cameras, accessories, drones, gadgets and more. Canon, klia2 Category Services Lot & No L3-38, Level 3, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 24 hours You can find the Canon outlet located at level 3 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. Shops & … Continue reading Canon at the klia2

Travel Recommends at the klia2

Travel Recommends is a comprehensive travel platform that offers great TravelWiFi connectivity at the lowest rates along with other exclusive travel deals such as overseas SIM cards, attraction tickets and Japan Rail Passes. With 5 collection points nationwide at KLIA, klia2, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu, it is set to ease your travel journey … Continue reading Travel Recommends at the klia2

Choco Pot at the klia2

Choco Pot offers a broad range of chocolate products, plus it’s always a good idea to commemorate your trip with a box of chocolate as souvenir. It’s always most welcome gift to bring home these lovely and irresistable chocolates for your love ones. Choco Pot, klia2 Category Chocolates and tidbits Lot & No L2-141, Level … Continue reading Choco Pot at the klia2

Boat Noodle at the klia2

Boat Noodle brings Thai Street Food to You! Kuey Teow Ruer, which is commonly known as Boat Noodle is a delicate dish which originates from the floating markets of Ayutthaya. This inspired dish is aromatic and delicious making it an instant hit with fans. Boat Noodle’s journey started in the back alleys of Bangkok full … Continue reading Boat Noodle at the klia2

Young Hearts at the klia2

The Young Hearts brand is all about having a lifestyle that is fun-loving, high-spirited, feminine and young. It is passionate about living a quality life. Young Hearts brand supports and encourages this life objective by creating and producing its products with great attention to research, design, detail, variety and quality. Young Hearts Pink October Special … Continue reading Young Hearts at the klia2

Baiwago Plus Cafe at the klia2

Baiwago Plus Cafe is a bakery cafe that serves delicious pastries, cakes and coffee. And it is now operating at level 2 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. The origin of Baiwago Plus Cafe is from Taiwan and it has established in 2016. Its kitchen provide freshly baked bread and pastries, prepared on the same day to … Continue reading Baiwago Plus Cafe at the klia2

Edibee at the klia2

Edibee is a modern concept outlet / kiosk selling Taiwanese snacks and tibits at L2-109, level 2 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. The inspiration behinds Edibee is originated from its fascination with the almost endless varieties and unlimited combinations of snack food and tidbits. Edibee is committed to bringing all the wonderful and tasty snacks around … Continue reading Edibee at the klia2

Vanilla Cafe at the klia2

Vanilla Cafe is the place where you can enjoy the famous 30 layer crepe cakes and it is now opening its shop at the Gateway@klia2 mall. Calling all Choco lovers! Vanilla Cafe at the klia2 has the stuff of your dreams! Come try out this best seller, Midnight Chocolate Mille Crepe and get the taste … Continue reading Vanilla Cafe at the klia2

Wings at the klia2

Wings believes that buying a bag should be about quality, practicality and affordability. Buying a good and durable bag need not be expensive. People planning to travel should be thinking about things other than the luggage they buy, or how much they paid for it. With that in mind Wings strives to improve the quality … Continue reading Wings at the klia2

Vincci at the klia2

A playground for shoe lovers and addicts, Vincci was among the first Malaysian brands to push the boundaries in footwear by introducing hot off the runway styles at incredibly affordable prices. Drawing inspiration from the great maisons, fashion week events and up-to-the-minute fashion news, Vincci creates footwear that are distinctive, desirable and on trend. Vincci … Continue reading Vincci at the klia2

Uniqlo at the klia2

Uniqlo was the first company in Japan to establish an SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel)* model encompassing all stages of the business – from design and production to final sale. Uniqlo quickly makes adjustments to production to reflect the latest sales trends and to minimize storeoperation costs such as personnel expenses and … Continue reading Uniqlo at the klia2

U Mobile at the klia2

U Mobile is Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative mobile telecommunication service provider that offers millions of next generation mobile consumers the freedom to “Live Connected”. Since 2007, the company has been constantly providing high quality mobile voice and data services with its wide distribution network backed by affordable pricing strategies. Customers of U Mobile can … Continue reading U Mobile at the klia2

Sushi King at the klia2

Sushi King chain of restaurants serves quality sushi and other Japanese cuisine at affordable prices in a warm and friendly environment. What sets Sushi King apart is the personal touch of serving freshly made sushi on the kaiten for customers to pick up and enjoy. Need a quick bite of your favourite sushi? Try the … Continue reading Sushi King at the klia2

WIYO at the klia2

Wiyo has setup its front desk at level 2 of the Gateway@klia2 mall to help you with a 4G pocket so that you can travel oversea with uninterrupted Internet connectivity. Its premier product, Wiyo WIFI, is a 3G / 4G handheld mobile device which provides you with wireless internet access anytime, anywhere while you are … Continue reading WIYO at the klia2

Kofi Kraze2 at the klia2

In contrast to the current trend of monotonous design and taste, Kofi Kraze2 intend to serve only premium cold brew coffee to cater to the palette of the seasoned, beginner as well as the adventurous. Super smooth, aromatic and intense cold brew coffee, which is gradient-diffused through its proprietary Kofi Kraze2 MAXTRACT process is expressed … Continue reading Kofi Kraze2 at the klia2

M&B at the klia2

The Label ‘M&B‘ is originated from central region with 8 outlets situated in well known shopping malls and expanding. The M&B has a wide range of ladies fashion, perfect to fill up your wardrobe! Check out some of the Mixey Top and Casual Cotton, and Top collections now at M&B. Not to forget the Printer … Continue reading M&B at the klia2

AEON Wellness at the klia2

The AEON Wellness has evolved into a pharmacy which offers not only a wide range of quality products to customers, but most importantly it has a dedicated team of pharmacists & beauty advisors in-store to provide you proprofessional consultation services. AEON Wellness is committed to enrich customer’s quality of life through proper health & beauty … Continue reading AEON Wellness at the klia2

Regiustea at the klia2

Regiustea – tea made with handpicked ingredients from all around the world. It offers various specialty drinks such as Japanese Yugu authentic green tea, New Zealand cheese, French light cream, together with the original flavors. The unique taste of its tea is blended with quality raw materials to ensure not only the tea is tasty … Continue reading Regiustea at the klia2

Pierre Cardin Lingerie at the klia2

Sensuous, Elegant and Complete with a dash of boldness in design, this is Pierre Cardin Lingerie. Pierre Cardin aims to redefine the feminine silhouette with modern sensibilities and to develop an impressive suite of quality lingerie collections where cater to all women needs. Pierre Cardin Lingerie Essential Bra is has been ranked as one of … Continue reading Pierre Cardin Lingerie at the klia2

Santai YAMCH’A at the klia2

Santai YAMCH’A is a is a modern casual dining concept where friends can enjoy savoury dimsum and a wide range of delicious Malaysian delights in a relaxing modern contemporary setting. Derived from the combination of the words “Samtai” which means relaxation in local vocabulary and “yumcha” which is associated with getting together for dimsum and … Continue reading Santai YAMCH’A at the klia2

H&M at the klia2

In 1947 Hennes women’s clothing store opened in Västerås, Sweden. Today the H&M Group offers fashion for everyone under the brands of H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and & Other Stories, as well as fashion for the home at H&M Home. H&M offers customers a wealth of styles and trends within fashion, beauty and … Continue reading H&M at the klia2

Street Churros at the klia2

Street Churros started in Korea with its trademark street food – the crispy, sweet crunch of the churros. The mouth-watering flavour of filled churros and soft serve ice-cream creates the magical combination of salty and sweet! Whether you are at the start or the end of the journey, don’t forget to grab your Street Churros! … Continue reading Street Churros at the klia2

Original Classic at the klia2

OC or Original Classic is a well established sport outlet which has been maintaining its quality branded products of sports footwear, fashion apparel and accessories at an affordable price. The concept of Original Classic is to fulfill consumer’s needs through Creativity, Integrity and Affordability through comfortable, cool clothes, accessories and footwear. OC never gives up … Continue reading Original Classic at the klia2

OldTown White Coffee at the klia2

What better delight than to feast on OLDTOWN™‘s local favourites cooked to perfection using traditional recipes? Be it dine-in or takeaway, OLDTOWN™‘s quality assurance goes into every food and beverage served, to remain authentic in taste and presentation! With a repertoire of appetizers, mains and desserts to choose from, there is something mouthwatering for everyone! … Continue reading OldTown White Coffee at the klia2

NZ Curry House at the klia2

NZ Curry House is an ideal setting for lunches, dinners, business meetings or family reunions. It is located at Level 1 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. This restaurant prides itself on its menu being fresh, with the food being prepared in a simple manner in order to satisfy their customers’ heart and soul. NZ Curry House … Continue reading NZ Curry House at the klia2

Nyonya Colors at the klia2

Nyonya Colors specializes in premium homemade quality Nyonya Kueh and delights. Nyonya Colors aims to provide customers with the highest quality and tasty Nyonya Kueh. Many of Nyonya Colors’ loyal customers would attest that its products bear the great authentic taste of the past. Almost all of Nyonya Colors’ Nyonya Kueh, desserts and meals are … Continue reading Nyonya Colors at the klia2

Nanyang Food Garden at the klia2

The menu at Nanyang Food Garden features specialities from a range of Chinese cuisine infused with a twist of South-East Asia’s flavours. Nanyang Food Garden is located at Level 2M, Gateway@klia2, and it features 24 hours operations. Nanyang Food Garden takes it a step further to educate diners, particularly international tourists, on the evolution of … Continue reading Nanyang Food Garden at the klia2

Ipoh Vintage at the klia2

Ipoh Vintage restaurant features an outstanding Ipoh authentic food in an upscale and cozy 80’s atmosphere. The food on its menu will appeal to a wide and varied customer. Visit them with an empty stomach, and they will fill it up with their best curry mee, beef noodles, chicken rice, yong tau foo, chee cheong … Continue reading Ipoh Vintage at the klia2

Le Castella at the klia2

Taiwanese traditional cake Le Castella has landed at the klia2, and this time you can get it freshly made while waiting for your flight! Le Castella’s traditional cakes are handmade and no additives, suitable for adults and children to eat healthily! Le Castella, klia2 Category Food & Beverages Lot & No L2-103, Level 2, Gateway@klia2 … Continue reading Le Castella at the klia2

Toys ‘R’ Us at the klia2

Toys ‘R’ Us is positioned as “the Worldwide authority on kids, families and fun”. It is the largest child-related product specialty chain store in the world. Toys ‘R’ Us believes in providing a happy shopping experience to customers with the biggest selection of toys and children related products priced to offer best value for money. … Continue reading Toys ‘R’ Us at the klia2

Tune Store at the klia2

Tune Store is located at Level 2, Gateway@klia2. The Tune Store provides super low calling rates and exciting incentives to the underserved segment of the market. Its prepaid service offers no-frills voice and Short Messaging Service (SMS) packages that meet the demands for a simple, value-for-money product with easy accessibility and a wide distribution reach. … Continue reading Tune Store at the klia2

The Green Market at the klia2

The Green Market is a modern, casual Japanese restaurant serving up value for money all-day set menus as well as a la carte breakfast and afternoon tea items. Located at the public concourse area of the klia2’s Main Terminal Building, the Green Market is tailored to satisfy travellers with healthy cuisine offerring. The Green Market, … Continue reading The Green Market at the klia2

The Body Shop at the klia2

The Body Shop is renowned for naturally-inspired products that are 100% vegetarian. With a collection of beauty and cosmetic products, The Body Shop has created a niche market for those who want to know their products are ethically produced with ingredients grained through fair trade. Feeling at war with your sensitive skin? Discover The Body … Continue reading The Body Shop at the klia2

Thai Odyssey at the klia2

Thai Odyssey provides local and international travelers a deserving respite. Thai Odyssey is described as an oasis of soothing calmness, the tranquility within transcends languages and cultures. And there is just such a relaxing oasis at the Gateway@klia2 mall next to the klia2 terminal! Opened with 5,000 sq ft of serene ambiance, and adding more … Continue reading Thai Odyssey at the klia2

Topgate Telemobile at the klia2

At Topgate Telemobile, you’re sure to find what you need in its broad selection of cell phone and accessories and peripherals. Topgate is committed to providing excellent customer service and it aims to provide accurate and useful product advice to the customers. Topgate Telemobile, klia2 Category Phone accessories Lot & No L1-7, Level 1, Gateway@klia2 … Continue reading Topgate Telemobile at the klia2

All About Malaysia at the klia2

At the All About Malaysia booth, you can buy Malaysian local packaged snacks here. Best idea to buy as souvenirs! All About Malaysia, klia2 Category Snacks and tidbits Location L1-21, Level 1, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 8am – 11pm You can find the All About Malaysia outlet located at level 1 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. Shops … Continue reading All About Malaysia at the klia2

FoneShark at the klia2

FoneShark is the premium customized phone case merchant in Malaysia. It sells quality, unique & stylish premium iPhone cases at all its outlets. FoneShark, klia2 Category Phone accessories Location L2-66A, Level 2, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 8am – 10pm Website Haven’t you heard – you can never have too many phone cases? Add these awesome … Continue reading FoneShark at the klia2

Ah Cheng Laksa at the klia2

Ah Cheng Laksa has its origins since year 1960 in Alor Setar. Well known for our traditional Asam Laksa, 58 years of heritage, took off by word-of-mouth and expanded to 27 stores across Klang Valley, more than 2 million bowls served a year. That’s a lot of noodles! But Ah Cheng Laksa continues to put … Continue reading Ah Cheng Laksa at the klia2

Brands Outlet at the klia2

Looking stylish doesn’t have to come with a price. This is exactly the concept behind Brands Outlet, where you not only get value for your money but also a wide range of trends and styles at prices you will love. There is something for everyone here. Brands Outlet offers items for the entire family, making … Continue reading Brands Outlet at the klia2

Toast Box at the klia2

Toast Box is a reflection of the coffee shops from the 60s and 70s, where the common practice for breakfast was a fragrant cup of Nanyang Coffee accompanied by freshly toasted bread. This warm, nostalgic concept was reinvented to bring back fond memories for those who missed the good old times, and for the younger … Continue reading Toast Box at the klia2

Liang Sandwich Bar at the klia2

The Liang Sandwich Bar is one of the leading fast food chains in China. And it now makes its presence at the klia2 airport for your enjoyment. With over 12800 outlets spanning across 300 cities in China, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Korea, Japan, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, … Continue reading Liang Sandwich Bar at the klia2

Texas Chicken at the klia2

Texas Chicken is a highly recognized brand name in the Quick Service Restaurant sector and is one of the largest quick-service chicken concepts in the World. Guess what! It’s now avaialble at the klia2 airport. And you can find it conveniently located at level 2M of the Gateway@klia2 mall. Texas Chicken serves freshly prepared, high … Continue reading Texas Chicken at the klia2

Sunglass Hut at the klia2

Sunglass Hut is committed to be the premier shopping and inspiration destination for the top brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high quality fashion and performance sunglasses. Sunglass Hut stores are located in more than 35 countries, including the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, … Continue reading Sunglass Hut at the klia2

Subway at the klia2

Come to Subway and bite into Subway restaurant’s wide selection of Subs, Deli Style Sandwiches, Wrap and Salads, made fresh before your eyes. All sandwiches come in delicious 6-inch or footlong portions with your choice of freshly baked bread, veggies and condiments. Bite into Subway restaurant’s wide selection of Subs, Deli Style Sandwiches, Wrap and … Continue reading Subway at the klia2

Starbucks Coffee at the klia2

If you are looking for a fresh, richly-brewed cup of Italian-style coffee, look no further than Starbucks. Other than coffee, this cafe offers a variety of pastries and confectionaries, plus Starbucks merchandises including tumblers, mugs & coffee presses. In Malaysia, Starbucks goes to great lengths to provide daily inspiration for all its customers one day, … Continue reading Starbucks Coffee at the klia2

FamilyMart at the klia2

Rethink what you know of ordinary convenience stores. At FamilyMart, it has combined a dizzying array of store offerings into one single location. Do it all at the FamilyMart stores – pay your bills and even send parcels. Chores making you hungry? Be spoilt for choice with its snacks and meals – all delivered daily … Continue reading FamilyMart at the klia2

MBG Fruit Shop at the klia2

MBG Fruit Shop is a one-stop shop for almost anything fruits-related – be it fresh fruits (more than 250 varieties), fruit basket, cut fruits, fresh fruits juice, health products inspired by fruits – all under one roof for your enjoyment. MBG means “Money Back Guarantee”, an unprecedented concept within the fruit business. It means every … Continue reading MBG Fruit Shop at the klia2

Food Arcade at the klia2

The Food Arcade is now open for you to share a meal in the company of colleagues and friends in an air-conditioned comfort. You can enjoy different variety of food ranging from authentic local dishes to international cuisines and our all-time favourite delicacies. Head over to L2-118, L2-120-129 at level 2 of the Gateway@klia2 mall … Continue reading Food Arcade at the klia2

Nam Heong Ipoh at the klia2

With 60 years of remarkable history, Nam Heong Ipoh emerged to be the top among its peers by preserving the nostalgic tastes of Ipoh’s heritage dishes while delivering top-notch service. Nam Heong evolves with the test of time by introducing the use of technology to elevate the dining experience, hence earning its position as the … Continue reading Nam Heong Ipoh at the klia2

Nando’s at the klia2

Visit Nando’s now at Lot L3-51, Level 3, Gateaway@klia2 mall. Make yourself satisfied with the mouth watering Nando’s flame-grilled chicken full of flavour and kick, and virtually has not fat or oil. It even enhances your metabolism! With all this goodness to share, it’s only right Nando’s provides you with endless refills of PERi-PERi sauce. … Continue reading Nando’s at the klia2 at the klia2

Whatever you want, be it your daily news fix, the latest glossy magazine, that cup of coffee or a hot snack on the way to work and back home again, you know you can count on, klia2 also offers a variety of services available at selected outlets including Western Union money transfers, … Continue reading at the klia2

Tai Croissant at the klia2

Inspired from streets in Tokyo, Tai Croissant is a successful Taiwanese brand that introduced the overwhelmingly adored Taiyaki Croissant. Combining both the impressive, almost 80 layers of crispiness in its outer croissant skin, and a stunning variety of savoury fillings inside, it has become one of the hottest street foods in Taipei. Brand new Strawberry … Continue reading Tai Croissant at the klia2

Mr. Siew Bao at the klia2

Mr. Siew Bao is a Malaysia based food industry company which specialize on manufacturing & selling traditional Chinese pastries, with the famous traditional core pastry, named “Siew Bao”. Mr. Siew Bao, klia2 “Siew Bao” is one of the famous food from a town called Seremban in Malaysia, and “Siew Bao” has more than 30 years … Continue reading Mr. Siew Bao at the klia2

KD Hong Kong at the klia2

KD Hong Kong Restaurant, with its persistence and demand for quality, has brought Hong Kong’s authentic cuisine flavor to Malaysia after a long period of innovation and research and development. The interior decoration of the shop adopts the most fashionable and personal style, among the best quality of the ingredients, and the affordable meals, making … Continue reading KD Hong Kong at the klia2

McDonald’s at the klia2

McDonald’s is the world’s leading Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain with the mission of becoming its customers’ favourite place and way to eat. Apart from offering great-tasting, quality products like the iconic Big Mac and world-famous Fries, McDonald’s delights its customers through fast and friendly service, in a warm and welcoming environment, all at a … Continue reading McDonald’s at the klia2

McCafe at the klia2

Get immersed in the world of McCafe, where you can indulge in its range of specialty coffees crafted by professionally trained baristas, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It’s undeniably great quality coffee made with premium 100% Arabica beans, with possibly the best value in town! So come experience real coffee culture the McCafe way, … Continue reading McCafe at the klia2

Maxis & Hotlink shop at the klia2

The Maxis & Hotlink shop is located immediately right after the Arrival Hall of the klia2. It accommodates promotions on mobile phones, accessories and telecommunication services. Maxis shop is directly facing the arrivals gate at klia2, so you don’t have to go far to get your SIM card after getting off the plane. The store … Continue reading Maxis & Hotlink shop at the klia2

Marrybrown at the klia2

Marrybrown’s menu features a wide variety of halal meals such as crispy juicy fried chicken, delicious burgers, specialty wraps, fabulous seafood and rice delicacies. Marrybrown, klia2 Hungry travellers who are looking for more can opt for Marrybrown’s side dishes such as salads, fun fries and finger food. With the size area of 2,038 square feet, … Continue reading Marrybrown at the klia2

llaollao at the klia2

No 1 Spanish natural yoghurt in Europe and Asia, llaollao yogurt is one of the healthiest and most recommended products in the world, thanks to the goodness in it and its high nutritional value. Together with with its freshly-chopped seasonal fruits to cereals, fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces, this creates a new yoghurt recipe … Continue reading llaollao at the klia2