In total, the combined retail space at the new klia2 airport - gateway@klia2 mall (32,516 m2) and klia2 Terminal shops (35,000 m2) - will make up about 13.6% of the total floor space.

While this is still unofficial, klia2 would be the biggest airport shopping mall in the world with 70,000 square meters of retail space which is even bigger than London's Heathrow Airport, Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport.

gateway@klia2 mall - 4 Levels of Shopping Pleasure

In the entire Malaysia Airport klia2's development, gateway@klia2 mall, a shopping mall with 35,000 square meters of commercial space is built adjacent to the klia2 terminal building.

Shops and services at gateway@klia2

The concessionaires for 225 retail outlets at klia2 were awarded by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) on July 2012. Of the 225 outlets, 118 lots have been allocated for retail offerings, 81 lots for food and beverages (F&B) and 26 lots for services.

With 350,000 square feet of retail space spanning over 4 levels and a fresh airport-within-a-mall concept, gateway@klia2 mall has over 200 commercial spots at high-traffic and high-visibility areas. gateway@klia2 is divided into 4 levels for your shopping pleasure.

To fill the gap to allow travellers to shop and relax before departure and upon arrival, travelers can explore the retail stores at the gateway@klia2 mall to ease their waiting time.

One special thing is that while you are shopping and dining here at the mall, you can also watch planes take off and arrive.

Level 1, gateway@klia2 Mall

gateway@klia2 Level 1

Shops and services on Level 1

Level 2, gateway@klia2 Mall

gateway@klia2 Level 2

Shops and services on Level 2

Level 2M, gateway@klia2 Mall

gateway@klia2 Level 2M

Shops and services on Level 2M

Level 3, gateway@klia2 Mall

gateway@klia2 Level 3

Shops and services on Level 3

Shops & Services at klia2