Bigger and better klia2

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) is the World’s Largest Purpose-Built Terminal for Low Cost Carriers to handle 45 million passengers per annum; built at lowest cost per passenger with aerobridges and better passenger convenience, accommodating enhanced commercial activities, and increasing in scope to meet the Regulatory, Airlines, Airport and Public requirements. Key Features … Continue reading Bigger and better klia2

Baggage Handling System at klia2

A fully automated baggage system is provided for faster and more efficient sorting of bags at klia2 terminal. And with such an upgrade, klia2 baggage handling system would be at par with the KLIA’s Main Terminal Building. At the klia2’s Departure Hall, there are 4 islands with a total of 128 Common User Passenger Processing … Continue reading Baggage Handling System at klia2

LCCT Parking

LCCT closed on 9 May 2014 and no longer in operations. All operations have been moved to klia2. If you are parking your car at the LCCT, read on… Parking rates at LCCT Parking zones Motorcycle parking zone For your information Frequently Asked Questions Contact parking Are you looking for Parking information at KLIA2 instead? … Continue reading LCCT Parking

Frequently Asked Questions

This page tries to provide answer to some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the klia2, such as what is klia2, where is klia2, how to go to klia2, klia2 layout plan, how to contact klia2 management, what are the facilities available at the klia2 terminal, and other relevant questions. These FAQs are … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions

Plaza Premium Lounge at klia2, enjoy your time efficiently at the klia2 airport

The Plaza Premium Lounge, the world’s first independent airport lounge concept that is open to all travellers irrespective of airline or class of travel, is now available at klia2 airport! You can even find 2 Plaza Premium Lounge locations at klia2 terminal. The Plaza Premium Lounge welcomes and serves guests and travellers all around the … Continue reading Plaza Premium Lounge at klia2, enjoy your time efficiently at the klia2 airport