Smoking area at klia2

The Designated Smoking Areas at klia2 airport are displayed with appropriate signage to ensure that all smoking materials are properly extinguished and disposed off in accordance with good and safe housekeeping practices. Entrance to klia2 Main Terminal Buidling In addition, the designated smoking areas are equipped with appropriate equipment e.g. ash tray and disposal bins. … Continue reading Smoking area at klia2

Valet Parking at klia2

The Valet Parking facility is the fastest and most convenient way to park your car at the klia2 airport. Payment Counter for Valet Parking It is located on Level 3 of the Gateway@klia2 shopping mall, just next to the Departures drop-off area. The Valet Parking area is fully guarded by 24-hour security with surveillance cameras … Continue reading Valet Parking at klia2

Long Term Car Park (LTCP), public parking at a rate of RM2.50 for every hour, or RM32 a day

The Long Term Car Park for both KLIA and klia2 airport is allocated near Jalan KLIA1 that is about 7km away from the klia2 airport. It is gated, equipped with 24-hour security and well lit, and most importantly, it accommodates 6,000 sheltered parking lots for the public. Long Term Car Park (LTCP) The public now … Continue reading Long Term Car Park (LTCP), public parking at a rate of RM2.50 for every hour, or RM32 a day

LCCT Parking

LCCT closed on 9 May 2014 and no longer in operations. All operations have been moved to klia2. If you are parking your car at the LCCT, read on… Parking rates at LCCT Parking zones Motorcycle parking zone For your information Frequently Asked Questions Contact parking Are you looking for Parking information at KLIA2 instead? … Continue reading LCCT Parking