Waiting for your flight? Need a clean & cozy room with hot shower and a comfortable bed for a good rest?

Many hotels are strategically located within a nearby 20km radius from the klia2 / KLIA airports. Some of them even situated just few minutes walk away to the klia2 airport's check-in counters.

Most of the hotels are priced reasonably and budget-friendly, room price ranging from very affordable USD$20 to a high of USD$150...

All the hotels near the klia2 offer you a refreshing and unique experience as the hotels are tastefully designed and well maintained.

The hotel and its staff are enthusiastically waiting for your visit and stand ready to pamper you with comprehensive list of convenience and comfort.

Popular Hotels near KLIA / klia2 airports

Tune Hotel klia2
Tune Hotel klia2
  • Just 5 mins walk to klia2 departure hall
  • Room rates from USD$45*
  •
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Plaza Premium Lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Located at gateway@klia2 mall & Pier L
  • Room rates from USD$40*
  •
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Capsule by Container klia2
Capsule by Container Hotel klia2
  • Located at gateway@klia2 mall next to klia2
  • Room rates from USD$20*
  •
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Sama-Sama Express klia2
Sama-Sama Express klia2 (Airside Transit Hotel)
  • Located at Satellite Builing klia2
  • Room rates from USD$50*
  •
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Sama Sama Hotel KLIA
Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA
  • Located next to KLIA terminal
  • Room rates from USD$100*
  •
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Sama-Sama Express KLIA
Sama-Sama Express KLIA (Airside Transit Hotel)
  • Located at Satellite Building KLIA
  • Room rates from USD$50*
  •
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Sri Langit Hotel
Sri Langit Hotel, rate from USD$25*
Hotel Seri Raha
Hotel Seri Raha, rate from USD$20*
Sri Enstek Hotel
Sri Enstek Hotel, rate from USD$25*
Sri Packers Hotel
Sri Packers Hotel, rate from USD$18*
The youniQ Hotel
The youniQ Hotel, rate from USD$30*
D Boutique Hotel
D Boutique Hotel, rate from USD$25*
Langit-Langi Hotel
Langit-Langi Hotel, rate from USD$20*
Bary Inn
Bary Inn, rate from USD$25*
Concorde Inn KLIA
Concorde Inn KLIA, rate from USD$60*

Hotel Double Star
Hotel Double Star, rate from USD$20*
Empress Hotel
Empress Hotel, rate from USD$55*
Sepang Budget Hotel
Sepang Budget Hotel, rate from USD$20*
Gelenggang - KLIA Transit House
Jawadene Suite and Breakfast
Jawadene Suite and Breakfast, rate from USD$45*
Oasis Hotel
Oasis Hotel, rate from USD$25*
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Hotels near KLIA / klia2 Airports (Sepang Aeropolis)

  1. Capsule by Container Hotel, from USD$15*
  1. Plaza Premium Lounge, from USD$35*
  1. Plaza Premium Lounge (Gate L), from USD$35*
  1. Tune Hotel - KLIA2, from USD$45*
  1. Sama-Sama Express, KLIA2, from USD$45*
  1. Wellness Spa (KLIA2), from USD$25*
  1. Sama-Sama Express, KLIA, from USD$45*
  1. Sama-Sama Hotel, from USD$125*
  1. Concorde Inn KLIA, from USD$60*
  1. Gelenggang - KLIA Transit House, from USD$45*
  1. Sri Enstek Hotel, from USD$25*
  1. Sri Packers Hotel, from USD$15*
  1. EV World Hotel Enstek, from USD$20*
  1. Hotel Double Star KLIA, from USD$20*
  1. Hotel Seri Raha, from USD$20*
  1. The youniQ Hotel, from USD$25*
  1. Sky Star Hotel, from USD$25*
  1. Bary Inn, from USD$25*
  1. City View Hotel , from USD$20*
  1. Sri Langit Hotel, from USD$30*
  1. EV World Hotel Kota Warisan, from USD$25*
  1. Jawadene Suite and Breakfast, from USD$40*
  1. Rumah Putih, from USD$35*
  1. Moon Eleven Hostel, from USD$15*
  1. Hotel El-Ray, from USD$25*
  1. Langit Langi Hotel, from USD$25*
  1. D Boutique Hotel, from USD$20*
  1. Sepang Budget Hotel, from USD$20*
* Room price is subjected to changes and availability.

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