Packing know-how

What to look for when choosing your travel suitcase? What to pack? How to pack? Find your answer here. Packing know-how: Finding the perfect suitcase Pack like a pro Techie’s travel essentials First aid kit essentials Packing check list Finding the perfect Suitcase Finding the perfect suitcase is an art and a science. Keep these … Continue reading Packing know-how

Joy of flying

Whether on a short or long-haul journey, flying can be a pleasant experience if you are well-prepared. Here are some steps to ensure you have a safe, smooth and comfortable flight. Stretching Knee Curls Sit straight and gently lean forward and raise one knee. Grasp the knee with both arms and gently pull the leg … Continue reading Joy of flying

Traveling with kids

Myths About Travelling With Kids Myth 1: Kids Require Extra Luggage There’s no need to take every last baby item with you when you travel. Many hotels provide essentials like strollers, baby bottles and toys. Call ahead to find out what they offer so you don’t over pack. Myth 2: Kids Don’t Remember Child psychologists … Continue reading Traveling with kids

Smart planning tips

These travel tips will help you focus on the trip details now so you can drop everything and relax at your destination as you should. Banish last-minute stress with smart planning! Before you go Some destinations require a visa, so make sure your travel documents are complete beforehand Be a smart traveler and find out … Continue reading Smart planning tips

A world of fiestas

It’s not just about art, food and culture when you visit a country. Some of the fun, intriguing ways of discovering a country is by participating in its festivals. These festivals can be mystical, whacky, charming or downright weird but you are assured of bragging rights for participating in a truly unique experience. A world … Continue reading A world of fiestas

Savvy travel tips

There are many ways you can enjoy your holiday while maintaining a reasonable low budget. Here is a list of smart travel tips. Some tips for planning a holiday: Tips on booking flights and hotels Tips on Travel insurance and visas Tips on carrying valuables Tips on telecommunications Tips on navigation Tips on scams watch … Continue reading Savvy travel tips