Beijing, China

As one of the world’s great capitals, Beijing will keep you spellbound for weeks on end with its magnificence and scale incomparable to any city in Asia. Beijing Massive complexes and impressive architecture make Beijing city of many icons, with millennia of rich culture and several astounding UNESCO World Heritage Sites to match. Explore this … Continue reading Beijing, China

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is also known as Canton, the pride of Cantonese people can be seen through their impeccable cuisines and brilliant fervour for business. Guangzhou Night More than just towering skyscrapers and countless dim sum shops, a closer observation will show you a charming city rich with culture and history as an important site of the … Continue reading Guangzhou, China

Hangzhou, China

The beauty of Hangzhou has been revered for centuries. Hangzhou Surrounded by lush greenery and towering mountains, you will feel like you’ve stepped into an elegant Chinese painting. The land is green with agriculture, the architecture is enchantingly rustic and there’s the majestic West Lake, the main attraction of Hangzhou. Best of Hangzhou Best of … Continue reading Hangzhou, China

Kunming, China

It’s always spring time in Kunming! The picturesque lakeside city is also known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ for its flower blossoms and pleasant weather all year long. Kunming Kunming is located at an altitude of 1,900 metres (6,234 feet) above sea level and at a latitude just north of the Tropic of Cancer. … Continue reading Kunming, China

Shanghai, China

The most influential city in China, Shanghai pulsates with life amongst the bright lights from towering skyscrapers, fashionable folks strolling along the scenic banks of The Bund, and old temples with rich culture and history. Shanghai Shanghai is a global center for finance, innovation, and transportation, and the Port of Shanghai is the world’s busiest … Continue reading Shanghai, China

Xi’an, China

Travel through Xi’an and you will find yourself walking through the comprehensive book of China’s rich and ancient history. Xi’an The capital city for 13 dynasties, Xi’an has prospered through the years with the emergence of the Silk Road. Xi’an is the birthplace of China’s many ideas, discoveries, civilizations and traditions, thus making China a … Continue reading Xi’an, China