Burger King, KLIA2

Burger King at Level 2M, Gateway@KLIA2
Whopper - Burger King
Whopper with Cheese- Burger King
Whopper with Cheese
BK Singles BBQ Beefbacon - Burger King
BK Singles BBQ Beefbacon
BK Doubles BBQ Beefbacon - Burger King
BK Doubles BBQ Beefbacon
BK Singles Mushroom Swiss - Burger King
BK Singles Mushroom Swiss
BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss - Burger King
BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss

BK Singles Black Pepper - Burger King
BK Singles Black Pepper
Spicy Tendercrisp - Burger King
Spicy Tendercrisp
Tendergrill - Burger King
Chicken Royale - Burger King
Chicken Royale
French Chicken - Burger King
French Chicken
Mixed Bite - Burger King
Mixed Bite
Two Piece Crispy Chicken - Burger King
Two Piece Crispy Chicken
Chick 'n Crisp - Burger King
Chick 'n Crisp
Grilled Chicken - Burger King
Grilled Chicken
Cheezy Fries - Burger King
Cheezy Fries
Fries - Burger King
Onion Rings - Burger King
Onion Rings
Nuggets - Burger King
Mozarella Sticks - Burger King
Mozarella Sticks
Corn on Cob - Burger King
Corn on Cob
Soft Drinks - Burger King
Soft Drinks
Iced Lemon Tea - Burger King
Iced Lemon Tea
Frozen Fanta - Burger King
Frozen Fanta
Iced Milo - Burger King
Iced Milo
Hot Milo - Burger King
Hot Milo
Hot Coffee - Burger King
Hot Coffee

Burger King, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall

Burger King at KLIA2
Burger King, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall
Burger King at KLIA2
Burger King, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall
Burger King at KLIA2
Burger King, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall

The BURGER KING® brand first arrived on Malaysian shores in 1997 when Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd opened the first outlet at Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge.

Burger King, KLIA2
Category Food & Beverages
Lot & No L2M-25
Operation 24 hours

Today, the franchise holder which owns the development rights for the BURGER KING® brand in Malaysia, excluding KLIA and East Malaysia, reaches out to discerning Malaysian customers via its rapidly expanding network of 48 outlets and counting.

Among the top QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) chains in the country, its growing customer base enjoys the best-selling, signature flame-grilled WHOPPER sandwiches as well as other top BK favourites while dining and relaxing with family and friends at its outlets, or in the comforts of home and office when they order to go or call for its speedy delivery service.

All BURGER KING® beef and chicken patties are 100% certified Halal and the company only uses fresh vegetables that are locally sourced from around Malaysia.

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