Slow in motion but vivacious when it needs to be, Kuching truly represents the soul of cats (Kuching means cat in Malay language).

As one of the largest cities in the island of Borneo, Kuching holds a multitude of outdoor activities as well as natural untouched beauty laid out across the vast land.

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Kuching is a major food destination and the main gateway for travellers to visit Sarawak and Borneo.

The blend of different cultures and ethnic tribes including Iban, Bidayuh, and Kenyah adds depth and appeal to this wondrous city.


Top Must Do's

Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village - Rich with history and heritage, this cultural village which offers visitors a close-up look into the daily lives of the Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu, Melanau and other tribes.

Sarawak Cultural Village
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Cat Museum

Cat Museum - Cat lovers, rejoice! Learn interesting facts about the furry feline friends at the only cat museum in Malaysia.

Cat Museum
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Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists, this boulevard showcases the diversity of Borneo in one place, from natives jungle produce to antiques and more!

Kuching Waterfront
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Borneo Highlands

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre - Kayak through the rainforest, swim with the Bidayuhs and feed the Orangutans at the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Borneo Highlands
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Damai Beach

Damai Beach - This scenic Damai beach is a common retreat for Kuching city folks, especially during the weekends as it is just an hour's drive away.

Damai Beach
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To and from airport

Shuttle bus, Tune Hotel, RM10.00
Taxi, City centre, Starts from RM26.00

Quick Facts

Currency Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
Electricity 220 - 240 Volt  
Language Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Tamil
Time zone GMT +8
Telephone code +608
Religion Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism




Monsoon season, 19°C - 33°C
Don't forget your umbrella!


Dry season, 21°C - 32°C
Great time to enjoy recreational activities.


Dry season, 23°C - 33°C
A great time to explore the wonders of all things flora and fauna.


Rainy season, 23°C - 32°C
Expect rainy days in between sunny days.

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