Being Flexible

21 March 2012 The planning and design of Kuala Lumpur’s existing low-cost carrier terminal and its $1.2 billion replacement shows just how flexible airports have to be when building major new infrastructure, writes Joe Bates. The low-cost phenomenon has had such an impact on Kuala Lumpur International Airport that Malaysia’s capital city gateway will open … Continue reading Being Flexible

Airport dispute

8 December 2011 By LIM SUE GOANTranslated by Soong Phui JeeSin Chew Daily AirAsia Bhd has cannonaded Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) over airport tax hike and the delay in completion of the klia2. Why is AirAsia so "radical" all in a sudden? In the past, AirAsia remained silent even when some Umno Members of … Continue reading Airport dispute

AirAsia vs MAHB: The gloves are off

4 December 2011 AirAsia‘s public campaign against the airport tax hike imposed by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) that took off on Thursday may have taken some by surprise, but the low-cost carrier’s discontent with MAHB has been brewing for a long time. Abasir: AirAsia is operating in an environment increasingly shaped and governed by … Continue reading AirAsia vs MAHB: The gloves are off

Why not aerobridges?

10 September, 2011 I ADMIRE Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Honest, I do. Not for everything he does of course but what he has done to make air travel so wonderfully affordable to such a large cross section of people. No one can ever take that away from him. Not many people gave him much chance … Continue reading Why not aerobridges?