Solo, Indonesia

Sala, Surakarta, Solo – the ancient Mataram kingdom may have many names, but one charming personality. Solo Just 65 kilometres away from the more popular Yogyakarta, this Central Java city is the epitome of authentic Indonesian experience. From the great outdoors to its charming temples and its tantalizing local cuisine, the unique Batik-land of many … Continue reading Solo, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Indonesia. From great cultural places to fun places to shop and exciting outdoors activities, it has something for everyone. Yogyakarta Yogyakarta is regarded as an important centre for classical Javanese fine arts and culture such as ballet, batik textiles, drama, literature, music, poetry, silversmithing, visual arts, … Continue reading Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Kochi, India

Formerly known as Cochin, Kochi is a charming South Indian city that holds an interesting mixture of British, Holland, Portuguese, Chinese, Arab and Jewish influences from its colonial past. Kochi Called the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, Kochi was an important spice trading centre on the west coast of India from the 14th century onward, … Continue reading Kochi, India

Kolkata, India

With a population of over fifteen million people, Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) is considered the cultural capital of India for the pool of multi-generational creative talents making up the locals. Kolkata Take home fond memories as you traverse the city’s many attractions, or set forth on a spiritually enlightening journey with the temple’s many … Continue reading Kolkata, India

Nagoya, Japan

Home to automobile giants Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi, Nagoya has truly seen through its turbulent times during the World War II to flourish into a major economic hub. Best of Nagoya The city is filled with charming attractions, towering skyscrapers and historical sites that make it the well-rounded city the world loves. Stroll through the … Continue reading Nagoya, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Down to earth and delightfully inviting, get ready to be immersed in the charming culture and life of Osaka, especially the food! Best of Osaka Rated as the world’s greatest food city by The Guardian UK, Osaka certainly packs a good punch when it comes to delicacies that will satisfy the tummy. So much so … Continue reading Osaka, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

While there are no giant monsters battling it out on the streets of Tokyo, the reality you will find here is every bit as exhilarating. Best of Tokyo Welcome to one of the busiest cities in the world, where Tokyo’s fast paced lifestyle paired with an unshakeable obsession for the latest trends and technologies make … Continue reading Tokyo, Japan

Manila, Philippines

The historic city of Manila and over a dozen cities surrounding it – collectively referred to as Metro Manila – make up an urban megacity where Spanish colonial-era churches stand next to modern buildings, as jeepneys, tricycles (motorized sidecars) and pedicabs ply the streets. Best of Manila The city is located on the eastern shores … Continue reading Manila, Philippines


For an island state of its size, Singapore punches above its weight. It is jam-packed with attractions, making it popular for shopping, sightseeing, dining and fun experiences. Welcome to Singapore This melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western influences has the food, architecture and culture to show for it. What’s more, there’s always something … Continue reading Singapore

Busan, South Korea

Walled by lavish mountains on one side and the breezy sea on the other, and with an urban sprawl all over the city, Busan emits an interesting aura of a "homely" city. The Best of Busan The "summer capital" of Korea is where you’ll find the country’s largest beach, longest river and most beautiful natural … Continue reading Busan, South Korea