Sungai Buloh KTM Station

The Sungai Buloh KTM Komuter station is part of the three-level Sungai Buloh railway station that is located north of Jalan Kuala Selangor near the intersection with Jalan Sungai Buloh, and also Jalan Hospital. It caters to the KTM Komuter and KTM ETS services. Aerial view of the Sungai Buloh MRT and KTM station The … Continue reading Sungai Buloh KTM Station

Sungai Gadut KTM Station

The Sungai Gadut KTM Komuter station is a station in Sungai Gadut, Negeri Sembilan. Sungai Gadut KTM station The station serves KTM Komuter line and started its operations on May 14, 2011. It accommodates an island platform and 3 tracks. Contrary to most Komuter stations where the tracks and platforms are at ground level, the … Continue reading Sungai Gadut KTM Station

Taman Wahyu KTM Station

The Taman Wahyu KTM Komuter station is a KTM Komuter train station located in the east side of Taman Wahyu, Kuala Lumpur. Taman Wahyu KTM station along Jalan Kuching The Taman Wahyu KTM station serves the KTM Komuter’s Seremban line and it accommodates 2 island platforms with 2 tracks. It was opened in April 2010 … Continue reading Taman Wahyu KTM Station

Tanjung Malim KTM Station

The Tanjung Malim KTM Komuter station is a KTM train station stationed at the north eastern side of and named after the town of Tanjung Malim, Perak. It is one of the stations on KTM Komuter railway services. Tanjung Malim KTM station The Tanjung Malim station’s one side platform and one island platform are designated … Continue reading Tanjung Malim KTM Station

Teluk Gadong KTM Station

The Teluk Gadong KTM Komuter station is a commuter train halt located in Klang and served by the Port Klang Route of the KTM Komuter railway system. Teluk Gadong KTM station The Teluk Gadong station was built to cater traffic in suburban area with the similar name called Teluk Gadong, located south-west from township of … Continue reading Teluk Gadong KTM Station

Teluk Pulai KTM Station

The Teluk Pulai KTM Komuter station is a commuter train station operated by KTM Komuter and served by the Port Klang Route. Teluk Pulai KTM station This station is built to cater the traffic in Teluk Pulai, a suburb in South Klang. The Klang Komuter station, which also serves the same locality, is located 1 … Continue reading Teluk Pulai KTM Station

Tiroi KTM Station

The Tiroi KTM Komuter station is a KTM Komuter train station located next to the small housing estate of Taman Tiroi, Negeri Sembilan, on the 7th kilometre of Jalan Labu. Tiroi KTM Komuter station The Tiroi Komuter station is named after the town of Tiroi, and is essentially a replacement of the old Tiroi station … Continue reading Tiroi KTM Station

UKM KTM Station

The UKM KTM Komuter station is a KTM Komuter train station situated close to the National University of Malaysia in Selangor. UKM KTM station Due to its location close to the National University, the station typically receives a large number of passengers (mostly university students) on Fridays and during the weekends. The station strictly serves … Continue reading UKM KTM Station