Bread Story at the klia2

Bread Story boutique bakery showcases an Impressive range of urban chic designer breads, freshly baked from its signature glassed see-through kitchen emitting the freshness and mouth-watering bread aroma. Bread Story, klia2 Every designer bread tells a story at BreadStory. From sweet buns to savoury breads, pastries to loaves, each piece of artisan bread guarantees only … Continue reading Bread Story at the klia2

Bobby’s Deli at the klia2

Bobby’s Deli is a fresh and unique deli that serves scrumptious delicacies. Bobby’s Deli, klia2 Bobby’s Deli translate its passion and dedication into bringing great food and value to its customers. From sandwiches to salads, Bobby’s Deli offers healthy and delicious food that everyone can feel good about. Bobby’s Deli, klia2 Bobby’s Deli, klia2 Category … Continue reading Bobby’s Deli at the klia2

Austin Chase Coffee at the klia2

Austin Chase Coffee is located at Level 2, Gateway@klia2. Austin Chase Coffee offers premium five star coffee brewed from the finest freshly roasted coffee beans. Austin Chase Coffee, klia2 The coffee beans have been hand roasted with great care and in small batches so that the brew is full-bodied yet kind to the stomach due … Continue reading Austin Chase Coffee at the klia2

Alessio Express at the klia2

The Alessio Express is located at Level 3 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. Alessio Express, klia2 It is a western restaurant serving variety of pizzas, pasta steaks, and chops. Alessio strives to serve something satisfactory from morning through nightfall. It is a favourite restaurant of many travelers. Try out some of the favourite dishes like Black … Continue reading Alessio Express at the klia2

A-Look Eyewear at the klia2

The first A-Look Eyewear store opened in 2003 and caused a sensation. The new concept store not only offered shoppers a friendly and no-fuss experience but also trendy yet affordable choices. A-Look Eyewear, klia2 What sets A-Look Eyewear apart from other optical stores is in its fully-open and self-service concept of shopping. At A-Look, the … Continue reading A-Look Eyewear at the klia2