Gateway Jewellery at the klia2

With passion and creativity in jewellery, Gateway Jewellery designs and manufactures exclusive jewellery pieces. Gateway Jewellery, klia2 If you are passionate on your jewellery designs, please feel free to discuss with Gateway Jewellery to make your dream designs come true! Wide-ranging precious and semi-precious jewelleries are offered by Gateway Jewellery, from rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, … Continue reading Gateway Jewellery at the klia2

Garden of Dazzles at the klia2

The Garden of Dazzles, an Authorized Branding Partner of Swarovski. Garden of Dazzles, klia2 Marvel at exciting glitters of contemporary Swarovski crystal jewelry and accessories with seasonal collections for all ages! In a unique and enchanting boutique featuring Asia’s First and Largest “White Crystal Winter Tree” adourned with limited edition Swarovski crystals imported from Swarovski, … Continue reading Garden of Dazzles at the klia2

Garage at the klia2

Garage is a place you share and reminisce yesteryear memories. Garage, klia2 Garage carries a wide range of ‘NEW BUT OLD’ generation of tin-toy, collectibles & decorative pieces to the current and next generations. Most of all Garage offers toys, collectibles and decorative pieces. Garage, klia2 Garage, klia2 Category Services & Speciality Store Lot & … Continue reading Garage at the klia2

From Time To Time at the klia2

The new retail space is dedicated purely to designer and fashion watches, located at gateway@klia2, From Time to Time targeted to travellers that are on the move and takes time precisely, with wide personal taste of the art of watch executed with a brand’s style, together with eye on perfection towards a watch design. From … Continue reading From Time To Time at the klia2

Flying Nomad at the klia2

Flying Nomad is the pioneer fashion brand created and introduced by Malaysia Airports (Niaga), it offers a wide selection of contemporary ladies’ and men’s apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories. Flying Nomad, klia2 With a total area size of 1,747 square feet, Flying Nomad at gateway@klia2 will be the flagship store for the brand. Flying Nomad’s … Continue reading Flying Nomad at the klia2

Flexiroam at the klia2

Flexiroam is the fastest growing budget international roaming provider in Asia Pacific with half a million subscribers and successfully offering its services to travellers from 8 countries to roam in over 200 countries worldwide. Flexiroam, klia2 Flexiroam collaborates with strategic travel industry partners in the airlines industry, travel agencies, travel insurance companies and international events … Continue reading Flexiroam at the klia2

Fipper at the klia2

Fipper always believe in innovation and quality excellence. Due to its excellent record, the company enjoys a good reputation and goodwill among footwear lovers all over the world. Fipper, klia2 Fipper’s dedicated team of designers has always strived to produce top quality design of footwear with attractive colors, design and dimensional specifications for footwear lovers. … Continue reading Fipper at the klia2

Fila at the klia2

FILA was founded by the Fila brothers in a town of Biella in 1911 and FILA celebrated its 100th year anniversary in 2011. With its Italian’s roots and long legacy, FILA continue its focuses on style and craftsmanship. FILA shop at the klia2 FILA offers lifestyle leatherwear, footwear, apparel and accessories. It includes men, ladies, … Continue reading Fila at the klia2