1 April 2017

Medea vodka is launching in Malaysia via a promotion with Malaysia Airport’s retail division Eraman at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2).

The vodka is claimed to be the world’s only spirit with a customisable LED message band on the bottle.

The bottle uses Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth technology to allow a smart phone to wirelessly set and display scrolling messages, available both on iPhone and Android.

Global Travel Retail Distribution (GTRD) Managing Director Hauke Marquardt said: “Consumers and retailers are constantly calling for something truly innovative, new and different. Medea is answering their call with a great tasting vodka and its value-added technology.”

Marquardt said Eraman was quick to spot the “fascination Medea can bring to travellers from all over the world.”

Eraman General Manager Ahmad Zulhikam commented: “When we first saw Medea vodka we were impressed by the innovative technology which also attracts travellers that usually do not buy spirits. The Medea bottle with its programmable LED display is a great gift for any occasion.”

J-Brands (Medea’s distributor in Malaysia) Associate Manager Jensen Boo added: “We are thankful that Eraman offered us the opportunity to run this promotion at KLIA 2”.

J-Brands Malaysia Senior Vice President Barney Boo said: “We encourage more ideas from the millennial generation; this is the direction travel retail is heading.”

A one-of-a-kind: Medea vodka and its value-added technology star in the Eraman promotion at KLIA2
A “one-of-a-kind”: Medea vodka and its “value-added” technology star in the Eraman promotion at KLIA2

Original Source: moodiedavittreport