The KTM Komuter is the first electrified commuter train service in Malaysia with rail network of 57 stations that cover more than 280km length of railway. To check the KTM Komuter fare, enter the starting station and the stopping station, then press the Check Fare button.
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The KTM Komuter fare from Pulau Sebang / Tampin to KL Sentral »»
Origin Station  Pulau Sebang / Tampin station (Enter)
Destination Station  KL Sentral station (Exit)
Cashless Fare  RM 12.20 (Cashless)  Check again?
Cash Fare  RM 13.70 (Cash)

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Inter Connections of Integrated Rail System

Being part of the Integrated Klang Valley Rail Transit System, some KTM Komuter stations are connected to stations of other rail systems (LRT, KL Monorail, MRT Sungai Buloh - Kajang line) within short walking distance.

From KTM Komuter Line to LRT Line

Monorail Line Station  Kuala Lumpur LRT Kelana Jaya Line Station  Pasar Seni
KTM Komuter Station  KL Sentral LRT Kelana Jaya Line Station  KL Sentral
KTM Komuter Station  Subang Jaya LRT Kelana Jaya Line Station  Subang Jaya
KTM Komuter Station  Bank Negara LRT Sri Petaling Line Station  Bandaraya
KTM Komuter Station  Putra LRT Sri Petaling Line Station  PWTC
KTM Komuter Station  Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Sri Petaling Line Station  Tasik Selatan

From KTM Komuter Line to Monorail Line

KTM Komuter Station  KL Sentral Monorail Line Station  KL Sentral

From KTM Komuter Line to MRT Line

KTM Komuter Station  Sungai Buloh MRT Sungai Buloh - Kajang Line Station  Sungai Buloh
KTM Komuter Station  KL Sentral MRT Sungai Buloh - Kajang Line Station  Muzium Negara
KTM Komuter Station  Kajang MRT Sungai Buloh - Kajang Line Station  Kajang

KTM Komuter Route Map

KTM Komuter Route Map

The following is the listing of all KTM Komuter stations, together with the train fare calculated from your chosen starting station, Pulau Sebang / Tampin, to all other stations.

KTM StationTanjung Malim
 cashless 20.20 cash 23.20
KTM StationKuala Kubu Bharu
 cashless 18.20 cash 20.80
KTM StationRasa
 cashless 17.50 cash 20.00
KTM StationBatang Kali
 cashless 17.20 cash 19.70
KTM StationSerendah
 cashless 16.00 cash 18.20
KTM StationRawang
 cashless 15.20 cash 17.30
KTM StationKuang
 cashless 14.50 cash 16.50
  KTM StationBatu Caves
 cashless 13.50 cash 15.20
KTM StationSungai Buloh
 cashless 13.90 cash 15.70
  KTM StationTaman Wahyu
 cashless 13.20 cash 14.90
KTM StationKepong Sentral
 cashless 13.40 cash 15.10
  KTM StationKampung Batu
 cashless 13.10 cash 14.70
KTM StationKepong
 cashless 13.30 cash 15.00
  KTM StationBatu Kentonmen
 cashless 13.00 cash 14.60
KTM StationSegambut
 cashless 13.00 cash 14.60
  KTM StationSentul
 cashless 12.80 cash 14.40
KTM StationPutra
 cashless 12.60 cash 14.10
KTM StationBank Negara
 cashless 12.50 cash 14.00
KTM StationKuala Lumpur
 cashless 12.30 cash 13.80
Destination StationKL Sentral
You stop here
 cashless 12.20 cash 13.70
KTM StationAngkasapuri
 cashless 12.60 cash 14.10
  KTM StationMid Valley
 cashless 12.00 cash 13.50
KTM StationPantai Dalam
 cashless 12.80 cash 14.40
  KTM StationSeputeh
 cashless 12.00 cash 13.40
KTM StationPetaling
 cashless 12.90 cash 14.50
  KTM StationSalak Selatan
 cashless 11.70 cash 13.10
KTM StationJalan Templer
 cashless 13.00 cash 14.60
  KTM StationBandar Tasik Selatan
 cashless 11.40 cash 12.70
KTM StationKampung Dato Harun
 cashless 13.30 cash 15.00
  KTM StationSerdang
 cashless 11.40 cash 12.70
KTM StationSeri Setia
 cashless 13.30 cash 15.00
  KTM StationKajang
 cashless 10.40 cash 11.50
KTM StationSetia Jaya
 cashless 13.50 cash 15.20
  KTM StationUKM
 cashless 10.20 cash 11.20
KTM StationSubang Jaya
 cashless 13.70 cash 15.50
  KTM StationBangi
 cashless 9.60 cash 10.60
KTM StationBatu Tiga
 cashless 14.00 cash 15.80
  KTM StationBatang Benar
 cashless 8.60 cash 9.30
KTM StationShah Alam
 cashless 14.40 cash 16.30
  KTM StationNilai
 cashless 8.10 cash 8.70
KTM StationPadang Jawa
 cashless 14.80 cash 16.70
  KTM StationLabu
 cashless 7.30 cash 7.80
KTM StationBukit Badak
 cashless 15.10 cash 17.10
  KTM StationTiroi
 cashless 6.80 cash 7.20
KTM StationKlang
 cashless 15.30 cash 17.40
  KTM StationSeremban
 cashless 6.20 cash 6.40
KTM StationTeluk Pulai
 cashless 15.60 cash 17.70
  KTM StationSenawang
 cashless 6.00 cash 6.20
KTM StationTeluk Gadong
 cashless 15.60 cash 17.80
  KTM StationSungai Gadut
 cashless 4.00 cash 4.00
KTM StationKampung Raja Uda
 cashless 15.80 cash 18.00
  KTM StationRembau
 cashless 2.80 cash 2.80
KTM StationJalan Kastam
 cashless 16.00 cash 18.20
  Origin StationPulau Sebang / Tampin
You start here
KTM StationPelabuhan Klang
 cashless 16.10 cash 18.40
  KTM StationBatang Melaka
 cashless 2.80 cash 2.80
    KTM StationGemas
 cashless 4.70 cash 4.70

Klang Valley Rail Transit Map

The Klang Valley Integrated Transit System consists of KTM Komuter rail line, Ampang Line LRT, Sri Petaling Line LRT, Kelana Jaya Line LRT, KL Monorail, one bus rapid transit line and KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit airport rail links to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The latest edition to the integrated transit system is the MRT Sungai Buloh - Kajang line in 2017.

Klang Valley Integrated Transit Map
Klang Valley Integrated Transit Map, see larger version

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