Food and beverages shops at klia2

At the klia2 airport, you will be well pampered by all the wonderful food choices offered by the Food and Beverages shops. You will be overwhelmed by extensive fusion menu that guarantees a hearty meal. Over 300 varieties of Western, Indonesia, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Thai and Arabic cuisine are available to satisfy your stomach and … Continue reading Food and beverages shops at klia2

Fashion and apparel shops at klia2

You will be impressed with wide selection of fashion and apparel shops available at the klia2. Come and check out all the affordable and quality apparel, graphic tees, polo tees, shirts, denim, bottoms, accessories, basic wear, footwear, smart casual wear, trendy accessories and more, all value for money, comfortable fashion for all ages. Shop Uniqlo … Continue reading Fashion and apparel shops at klia2

iGADGET at the klia2

The iGADGET provides wide range of premium one stop travelling gear such as camera & lenses, mobile devices, noise cancelling headphones, power bank, USB charging cable, universal travel adapter, health care products, portable bluetooth speaker, in-house printing and many more. iGADGET, klia2 Category Electronic gadgets Lot & No L2-31, Level 2, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 6am … Continue reading iGADGET at the klia2

Isaac Toast & Coffee at the klia2

Best known for sandwich flavours like Bulgalbi, Hot Chicken and Double Cheese Potato, Isaac Toast & Coffee has expanded to more than 700 retail stores in South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan. Isaac Toast & Coffee, klia2 Category Food & Beverages Lot & No L2-105, Level 2, Gateway@klia2 mall … Continue reading Isaac Toast & Coffee at the klia2

Soxworld at the klia2

There’s no better place to stock up on socks than Malaysia’s leading socks manufacturer Soxworld. Soxworld, klia2 With everything from thick comfy legwarmers to ankle socks in every colour, school socks, dress socks – even ten-toed socks, there’s no question that you’ll find the ones you’re looking for here! Soxworld is a one stop shopping … Continue reading Soxworld at the klia2

Daily Fresh at the klia2

The ‘Daily Fresh‘ booth sells quick, simple, healthyand ready-to-snacks such as sweetcorn in a cup, waffles, gelato and popcorn. Daily Fresh, klia2 Category Food & Beverages Lot & No L1-18, Level 1, Gateway@klia2 mall Operations 8am – 10pm You can find the Daily Fresh booth located at level 1 of the Gateway@klia2 mall. Shops & … Continue reading Daily Fresh at the klia2