Echolac at the klia2

Echolac is located at Level 3, Gateway@klia2. Echolac offering latest travel gears such luggage, travel accessories, bags and more. Echolac, klia2 Echolac is adopting innovative technology to produce travel and business series that suitable for all level of frequent and non frequent travellers. Echolac was founded in 1964 in Japan. The founder was Mr. Reizo … Continue reading Echolac at the klia2

Dome Cafe at the klia2

Dome Cafe, this quaint charming restaurant, is renowned for its specialty coffee, made from the finest roasted Arabica beans – perfect for travellers who are looking for a delightful cup of coffee. Dome Cafe, klia2 Complementing its drinks is Dome Cafe’s extensive menu, comprised of their hearty all-day breakfast, soups, salads and gourmet sandwiches, as … Continue reading Dome Cafe at the klia2

Dim Sum on the Go at the klia2

EDEN’s Dim Sum On The Go (“DSOTG”) offers a variety of fine dim sum delicacies and quick meals freshly prepared daily at affordable prices in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance, ideal for travellers and visitors waiting for flight arrivals and departures. Dim Sum on the Go, klia2 Dim Sum On The Go is bringing some … Continue reading Dim Sum on the Go at the klia2

Desigual at the klia2

Renowned for patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art and luscious colours, Desigual creates clothes that make people happy. With men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and accessories in store, there’s something fun for everyone. Desigual, klia2 The founder of Desigual, Thomas Meyer, envisioned a world where clothes helped generate positive emotions and was affordable by … Continue reading Desigual at the klia2

DC Tribe at the klia2

DC Tribe at the klia2 is opened with the unique mysterious concept, featuring an enormous figure in its outlet that will definitely be eye catching. DC Tribe at Level 2, Gateway@klia2 You can easily spot DC Tribe at klia2 opposite the BOOST kiosk or beside F.O.S. on Level 2 of Gateway@klia2 mall. Looking for some … Continue reading DC Tribe at the klia2

Dapur Nusantara at the klia2

Dapur Nusantara specializes in serving the true authentic Indonesian cuisine such as the juicy taste of Bakso Malang (Malangs’s Meat Ball) and Jakarta’s Nasi Goreng Buntut (Oxtail Fried Rice). Dapur Nusantara, klia2 Nasi Lemak and Nasi Ayam are also Dapur Nusantara’s specialty. Each serving will be accompany with Dapur Nusantara Special Oxtail Soup. Each sip … Continue reading Dapur Nusantara at the klia2

Cuero Empire at the klia2

Cuero Empire is an one-stop leather goods specialty store chain under Bee Same Group of Companies, for retailing, marketing and distribution of fashionable goods and accessories. Cuero Empire, klia2 Cuero Empire realized that there is limited number of SLG boutique in the market that provide full range of leather products in multi brands. Cuero Empire … Continue reading Cuero Empire at the klia2

Cornet at the klia2

Come to Cornet to enjoy The New Sensation of Hot & Cold! Cornet’s bread is made from special recipe which has the ability to contain melting ice cream. Cornet, Gateway@klia2 mall The bread will absorb melting ice cream and create a crispy creamy sensation! The cornet is bread and is served rather warm, but not … Continue reading Cornet at the klia2

Cocoa King at the klia2

Cocoa King is a fabulous chocolate filled store. Plenty of flavours to taste test and even more to buy. Must be something for every taste. Cocoa King, klia2 There is an icredible array of selection from chili to pineapple and even durian chocolate. Delicious samples as well! Cocoa King is located at Departure Hall, klia2 … Continue reading Cocoa King at the klia2