Malacca / Melaka is about 130km away from the Malaysia Airport KLIA2. The Transnasional bus provides these service routes between Malacca and Malaysia Airport KLIA2 and KLIA:

The First Transnasional bus from KLIA2 airport starts at 1:15am and the last bus starts at 9:15pm.

Transnasional Bus

Check out the attractions in Malacca and hotels on promotions in Malacca.

Route map from Malacca / Melaka to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2
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Transnasional bus schedule from KLIA2 To Malacca

First Transnasional bus starts at 1:15am and the last bus starts at 9:15pm. The bus ticket is RM24.10 for adults and RM18.10 for children.

From KLIA2 Arrive To Location
1:15AM 4:15AM Melaka Sentral
7:45AM 10:45AM Melaka Sentral
9:15AM 12:15PM Melaka Sentral
10:45AM 1:45PM Melaka Sentral
11:45AM 2:45PM Melaka Sentral
1:15PM 4:15PM Melaka Sentral
2:15PM 5:15PM Melaka Sentral
4:15PM 7:15PM Mahkota Medical Center
6:15PM 9:15PM Melaka Sentral
8:15PM 11:15PM Melaka Sentral
9:15PM 11:45PM Melaka Sentral

Transnasional bus schedule from KLIA To Malacca

Transnasional bus schedule from KLIA to Malacca. First bus starts at 1:00am and the last bus starts at 9:00pm. The bus ticket is RM24.10 for adults and RM18.10 for children.

Depart KLIA Arrive Destination
1:00AM 3:30AM Melaka Sentral
7:30AM 10:00AM Melaka Sentral
9:00AM 11:30AM Melaka Sentral
10:30AM 1:00PM Melaka Sentral
11:30AM 2:00PM Melaka Sentral
1:00PM 3:30PM Melaka Sentral
2:00PM 4:30PM Melaka Sentral
4:00PM 6:30PM Melaka Sentral
6:00PM 8:30PM Melaka Sentral
8:00PM 10:30PM Melaka Sentral
9:00PM 11:30PM Melaka Sentral
Melaka Sentral
Melaka Sentral
Mahkota Medical Centre
Mahkota Medical Centre

Transnasional bus schedule from Malacca to KLIA2

Transnasional bus schedule from Malacca to KLIA2. First bus starts at 12:15am and the last bus starts at 10:00pm. The bus ticket is RM24.10 for adults and RM18.10 for children.

Transnasional Bus servicing routes between Malacca and KLIA2

From Location To KLIA2
12:15AM Melaka Sentral 3:15AM
5:00AM Mahkota Medical Center 7:30AM
6:30AM Melaka Sentral 9:30AM
8:00AM Mahkota Medical Center 11:00AM
9:30AM Melaka Sentral 12:30PM
10:30AM Melaka Sentral 1:30PM
12:30PM Mahkota Medical Center 3:30PM
2:30PM Mahkota Medical Center 5:30PM
4:00PM Melaka Sentral 7:00PM
6:00PM Melaka Sentral 9:00PM
10:00PM Melaka Sentral 1:00AM

Transnasional bus schedule from Malacca to KLIA

Transnasional bus schedule from Malacca to KLIA. First bus starts at 12:15am and the last bus starts at 10:00pm. The bus ticket is RM24.10 for adults and RM18.10 for children.

Depart From Arrive KLIA
12:15AM Melaka Sentral 2:45AM
5:00AM Mahkota Medical Center 7:30AM
6:30AM Melaka Sentral 9:00AM
8:00AM Mahkota Medical Center 10:30AM
10:30AM Melaka Sentral 1:00PM
12:30PM Mahkota Medical Center 3:00PM
2:30PM Mahkota Medical Center 5:00PM
4:00PM Melaka Sentral 6:30PM
6:00PM Melaka Sentral 8:30PM
10:00PM Melaka Sentral 12:30AM

Attractions at Malacca / Melaka

Jonker Street at Malacca
Picture credits:
Jonker Street - It has become a hub for clothing and crafts outlets as well as restaurants in recent years. The best part of Jonker Street is the night market on Fridays and weekends from 6pm till midnight.

Christ Church in Malacca
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Christ Church - Visit the church for its architecture and the history. You would love the spacious halls and the touch of local Melaka culture. It is a spiritual and historical trip to be in the Christ Church Melaka.

River Cruise Malacca
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Malacca River Cruise - A 45-minute River Cruise that takes you all the way to Kampung Morten, past Malacca town and the settlements and bridges along the riverbank with recorded commentaries..

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum Malacca
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Cheng Ho Cultural Museum - It is believed to be a restructured ancient building with Ming architecture, with two to three hundred years of history. It showcases many evidence of cultural exchange between the local ethnic and the Chinese.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum in Malacca
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Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum - The Chinese-Malay rich families left behind them a culture that is center of attraction for the tourists. Baby Nyonya Heritage Museum located behind the Jonker Street is a worth visiting place.

A Famosa Resort in Malacca
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A Famosa Resort - It offers accommodation and theme parks including Safari Wonderland, Water Theme Park, and Old West (Cowboy Town). You can also have fun with different fun activities at the resort.

Malacca travel overview

Malacca Hotels on Promotions

These hotels in Malacca / Melaka are currently having promotions with special discount room rate.

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Accommodations at Malacca / Melaka

Philea Resort & Spa
Philea Resort & Spa
Room from RM325*
Avillion Legacy Melaka Hotel
Avillion Legacy Melaka Hotel
Room from RM153*

Kings Green Hotel
Kings Green Hotel
Room from RM173*

Mahkota Hotel Melaka
Mahkota Hotel Melaka
Room from RM170*
Bayview Hotel Melaka
Bayview Hotel Melaka
Room from RM173*

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort
Room from RM126*
Check out more hotels at Malacca / Melaka.

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