The Genting Highlands, a famous tourist attraction in the state of Pahang, is located about 120km away from the KLIA2 airport.

If you are at the KLIA2 airport, you can take Aerobus to go to Genting Highlands directly. The journey time is about 2 hours and the bus fare is RM35.00.

Alternatively, taxi service is available at the KLIA2 to fetch you to the Genting Highlands.

If you are at the KL Sentral or the Puduraya Bus Terminal / Pudu Sentral, you can take the Genting Express Bus service to the Genting Highlands.

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Aerobus bus at the KLIA2

Aerobus at the KLIA2 terminal

Aerobus at the KLIA2 terminal

The Aerobus bus performs regular service routes from KLIA/KLIA2 to Genting Highlands. It provides 6 daily service route from KLIA/KLIA2 to Genting Highlands. The bus fare is priced at RM35.00 for one-way travel.

From KLIA/KLIA2 to Genting
From KLIA From KLIA2 To Genting
09:15 09:30 11:30
11:15 11:30 13:30
13:15 13:30 15:30
14:15 14:30 16:45
15:15 15:30 17:30
16:45 17:00 19:45
18:15 18:30 20:45
20:15 20:30 22:30

From Genting to KLIA2/KLIA
From Genting To KLIA2 To KLIA
08:00 10:00 10:15
10:00 12:00 12:15
12:00 14:00 14:15
14:00 16:00 16:15
16:00 18:00 18:15
17:00 19:00 19:15
18:00 20:00 20:15
19:30 21:30 21:45

Contact for Genting Route
Contact Telephone
General 6010-2922221
Reservation 6010-2922223

Map to Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands, Pahang
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Map from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) to Genting Highlands
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Genting Express at KL Sentral

The Genting Express bus performs regular service routes from KL Sentral to Genting Highlands. Once you reach KL Sentral station, you can use the Genting Express Bus service to go to Genting Highlands. The Genting Express bus is a fast, convenient and economical journey to Genting. Read more information on Go Genting Express.

Genting Express Bus Service Booth at KL Sentral Station
From KL Sentral From Genting Skyway Lower Station (B4)
8.00am 9.30am
9.00am 10.30am
10.00am 11.30am
10.30am 12.00pm
11.00am 12.30pm
12.00pm 1.30pm
1.00pm 2.30pm
2.00pm 3.30pm
3.00pm 4.30pm
4.00pm 5.30pm
5.00pm 6.30pm
6.00pm 7.30pm
7.00pm 8.30pm

Ticketing Office:
Lower Ground Floor (below the escalator)
Tel: (603) 2279 8989 | Tel: (603) 2279 8990
Fare: RM10.30 (Adult) / RM9.20 (Child)

Route: KL Sentral - Genting Skyway Lower Station - Genting Highlands

Genting Express Available at Other Locations

The Genting Express bus is also available in several locations like Hentian Puduraya / Pudu Sentral, Gombak LRT station, Kajang, and One Utama shopping mall.

Go Genting Express Easy Access Map

Genting Express Bus service from other locations and respective fares:

Genting Express Bus

From Bus & Skyway (One-Way)
Puduraya Bus Terminal RM10.60 (Adult) / RM9.50 (Child)
Gombak LRT station RM9.40 (Adult) / RM8.60 (Child)
KL Sentral RM10.30 (Adult) / RM9.20 (Child)
Kajang RM13.30 (Adult) / RM11.50 (Child)
One Utama RM10.60 (Adult) / RM9.50 (Child)

For Your Information

*Lower Genting Skyway Station at Basement Level 4 (B4) operates hours from 8.45am to 8.30pm daily for express bus tickets to any of the Go Genting Express bus station.

**Last bus departure time at 9.30pm effective from 19th December 2011.

Click here for more information on Genting Express.

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Hotels at Genting Highlands

If you are planning to stay at Genting Highlands, here are the hotels at the Genting Highlands for your review.

First World Hotel
First World Hotel, Genting Highlands
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Awana Hotel
Awana Hotel, Genting Highlands
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Hotel Seri Malaysia
Hotel Seri Malaysia, Genting Highlands
Review | Book Hotel Seri Malaysia
Genting Grand Hotel
Genting Grand Hotel, Genting Highlands
Review | Book Genting Grand Hotel

Theme Park Hotel
Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands
Review | Book Theme Park Hotel

Genting Highlands Hotels
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