The Transnasional bus perform regular service routes between Melaka / Malacca and the klia2 airport. The journey from Malacca to klia2 is about 3 hours. The bus ticket fare is RM24.10 for adults and RM18.10 for children (below 12 years old).

The earliest Transnasional bus from Malacca / Melaka to klia2 airport starts at 12:15am, and the last bus starts at 10:00pm.

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Check out the schedule from klia2 to Malacca.

You can board the Transnasional bus at either the Melaka Sentral or the Mahkota Medical Centre.

Transnasional and other buses waiting at Melaka Sentral
Transnasional and other buses waiting at Melaka Sentral
The Transnasional bus ticket can be purchased at the Transnasional ticketing counter at the Melaka Sentral.

Transnasional bus ticket counter at Melaka Sentral
Transnasional bus ticket counter at Melaka Sentral
You can also find the Transnasional bus at the Mahkota Medical Centre for a bus ride to klia2 airport at the pre-scheduled time above.

Mahkota Medical Centre
Mahkota Medical Centre

Transnasional Bus schedule from Malacca to klia2

The Transnasional bus schedule between Melaka / Malacca and the klia2 airport is as follow:

From Location To klia2
12:15AM Melaka Sentral 3:15AM
5:00AM Mahkota Medical Center 7:30AM
6:30AM Melaka Sentral 9:30AM
8:00AM Mahkota Medical Center 11:00AM
9:30AM Melaka Sentral 12:30PM
10:30AM Melaka Sentral 1:30PM
12:30PM Mahkota Medical Center 3:30PM
2:30PM Mahkota Medical Center 5:30PM
4:00PM Melaka Sentral 7:00PM
6:00PM Melaka Sentral 9:00PM
10:00PM Melaka Sentral 1:00AM

The Transnasional buses from Melaka / Malacca will drop off passengers at klia2's Transportation Hub, level 1 of the gateway@klia2 mall.

Transnasional bus
Transnasional Bus at klia2 terminal
At the KLIA terminal, the drop off / pick up point for the Transnasional bus is located at KLIA bus station at the KLIA terminal Level 1.

Transnasional bus at KLIA
Transnasional Bus at KLIA bus station

Transnasional Bus

Transnasional was the first in the industry to provide insurance coverage for passenger and baggage, whereby in the case of unfortunate event, the passengers are covered for medical expenses or loss of baggage.

In addition to its regularly scheduled passenger service, Transnasional also provides courier/delivery services, charter packages and bus advertising solutions.

Transnasional bus
Transnasional Bus

With the new klia2 opening, Transnasional bus is now performing the routine service routes between the klia2 and Malacca / Melaka. The first bus from klia2 starts at 12:15am, and the last bus from klia2 starts at 9:15pm.

Transnasional - shuttle bus from klia2 to Malacca

Transnasional has been in the express bus industry for over 3 decades, it is the pioneer in the electronic ticketing system that makes the booking process much faster, accurate and efficient as it enables the passengers to plan their journey, make reservation and purchase express bus tickets at any ticketing counter, 60 days in advance including return and multiple journeys trips.

Q. Do i have to purchase transnasional tickets in advance?

Yes, due to the seasonal variation and popular demand, Transnasional encourages you to purchase your tickets in advance. Tickets purchase can be made at the nearest Transnasional ticketing counter or selected Petronas Mesra Stores. For info and inquiry, please call KTB Infoline 1300 888 582.

Q. Do i have to keep my ticket?

Yes, for validation purpose as Transnasional's enforcement officer or authorities may conduct periodical inspections while you are on board. In addition to that, all Transnasional tickets come with insurance coverage for passenger and baggage. In the case of unfortunate event, the passengers are covered for medical expenses or loss of baggage.

Q. Are transnasional tickets refundable?

Tickets are not refundable. While Transnasional makes every effort to provide timely service, it does not guarantee its departure and arrival times, which may be affected by factors such as traffic, weather or mechanical problem. We are not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused as a result of such a delay.

Q. Can i get a refund for lost of ticket?

Transnasional is not liable for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets.

Q. I just learned of a new promotional fare but i already purchased the ticket at a higher price. can i get the refund?

No, fares are subject to change at any time without notification.

Q. Can i exchange my ticket for a different travel date or time?

Yes, however, a fee may apply and it is subject to the seat availability.

Q. Can i request for a stop-over for non stop-over trips?

Normally, Transnasional does not schedule for a stop-over for the trips that are less than 3 hours. However, passengers may request for quick stop-over should they need to use the restroom.

Q. i am going for a group holiday with my friends but few of them are running late. can i ask the bus driver to wait for them or pick them outside of the bus terminal?

No. Transnasional does not entertain such request. You are advised to be at the terminal at least 15 minutes prior to departure as the bus will leave promptly as its scheduled time. Due to the regulation set by the authorities, Transnasional is not allowed to pick up passengers outside of the terminal unless it is an approved pick up point.

Dos And Don'ts

  • Do have your ticket with you at all times!
  • Arrive at the bus terminal at least 15 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Do remember to lock your baggage and keep an eye on all your personal belongings.
  • Don't forget to bring your passport if you are traveling outside of your country!
  • Do give us feedback for our continuous improvement in serving you better.
  • Do support us by promoting Transnasional to your family and friends!