Come to the Specialty stores at the Malaysia Airport klia2 to check out a wide range of 'NEW BUT OLD' generation of tin-toy, collectibles & decorative pieces to the current and next generations.

You can also see an array of electronic consumables from Cameras, lenses, photographic equipment, IT Peripherals to Lifestyle Electronics and Digital Imaging.

People planning to travel should be thinking about things other than the luggage they buy, or how much they paid for it. With that in mind Wings strive to improve the quality of its luggage and services whilst keeping in mind a sense of reasonable pricing.

The Nikon shop boasts an impressive line of international brands, namely Nikon, Canon Sony, Fuji Film, Panasonic, Olympus, Go-Pro, Energizer, Nakamichi and McGear among other prominent labels.

Specialty Shops at the Gateway@klia2 Mall

Specialty Shops at the klia2 Terminal

MPH at klia2

Shops & Services at klia2