McCafe, KLIA2

McCafe at Level 3, Gateway@KLIA2
Blueberry Cheesecake - McCafe
Blueberry Cheesecake
Savor the flavors of luscious cheescake and the goodness of blueberries. It's a delight with every bite.
Chocolate Brownie - McCafe
Chocolate Brownie
Crumbly on the outside and soft on the inside - like any good brownie should be.
Chocolate Chip Muffin - McCafe
Chocolate Chip Muffin
Bite into a soft, fluffy muffin loaded with rich, decadent chocolate chip surprises.
Flat White - McCafe
Flat White
Warm and comforting without the foam, it's a velvety balance of aroma and body.
Cappuccino - McCafe
Slip through a rich blanket of cocoa-dusted froth and be comforted by the taste of rich, aromatic McCafe espresso and silky steamed milk beneath.
Espresso - McCafe
Small on size, strong on coffee. Medium roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans produce a delicate coffee flavor with an aroma of caramel & chocolate.
Americano - McCafe
A little less dark, a bold, invigorating aroma gives way to a bouquet of sweet espresso flavors in every sip of this delicate coffee.
Iced Mocha - McCafe
Iced Mocha
Each sip is a rewarding experience filled with the flavors of sultry chocolate, rich coffee and luxurious whipped cream.

Iced Chocolate - McCafe
Iced Chocolate
The deliciously creamy reduced fat ice cream, chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream.
Iced Latte - McCafe
Iced Latte
The rich, milky flavor of a latte poured over ice makes each sip a refreshing coffee experience.
Latte - McCafe
Creamy with a delicate foam, the inviting taste of one part coffee and two parts steamed milk makes any day a better day.
Hot Chocolate  - McCafe
Hot Chocolate
Made with steamed whole or nonfat milk, rich chocolate syrup.
Mango Frappe - McCafe
Mango Frappe
Have a tropical adventure, with the exotic flavor of mangoes blended with ice.
Mocha - McCafe
Savor the sensuous blend of bold coffee and rich chocolate finished with sprinkles of cocoa powder.
Mocha Frappe - McCafe
Mocha Frappe
Fill your senses with a thick, inviting blend of sultry chocolate and bold espresso.

McCafe, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall

McCafe at KLIA2
McCafe, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall
McCafe at KLIA2
McCafe, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall
McCafe at KLIA2
McCafe, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall

Get immersed in the world of McCafe, where you can indulge in its range of specialty coffees crafted by professionally trained baristas, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

McCafe, KLIA2
Category Food & Beverages
Lot & No L3-52
Operations 24 Hours

It's undeniably great quality coffee made with premium 100% Arabica beans, with possibly the best value in town! So come experience real coffee culture the McCafe way, only at McDonald's.

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