Jaya Grocer, KLIA2

Jaya Grocer at Level 2, Gateway@KLIA2

Jaya Grocer at KLIA2

Jaya Grocer at KLIA2

Jaya Grocer at KLIA2

Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is the only Malaysian-based supermarket with the widest range of imported products on shelf, fresh produce and groceries - serving local communities with increasing number of outlets. And Jaya Grocer at the KLIA2 is the latest addition to the family to reward travelers with a comfortable and personalised shopping experience.

Jaya Grocer, KLIA2
Category Shop List
Lot & No L2-139
Operation 24 hours
Website jayagrocer.com

Jaya Grocer strives to give its shoppers a unique Jaya Grocer experience, with its Malaysia's first culinary 'grocerant' - combination of grocery store and restaurant. Freshly cooked from within the store, the Jaya Grocer grocerant food experience is to be shared with family and friends.

To cater to the needs of travellers, the Jaya Grocer branch at the KLIA2 was given a clean-cut design with wide aisles and lower shelves so that shoppers will be able identify their location within the store.

With this arrangement, the shoppers can ensure that they know where they are and can locate the exits without panicking if they are in a rush. And the aisles are wide so they can bring their luggage around.

The line of products and prices at KLIA2 do not vary much from its other outlets. Apart from the usual necessities, the outlet also has its fruit and vegetable, meat and frozen sections, making it a full-fledged grocer.

Notably, there are also a lot more single-packed product and impulse-buy items that are available for the convenience of travellers. But for those looking to purchase larger items or fragile goods, there is a wrapping station available at the exit.

This outlet also features its F&B branch, Fresco, where customers can send the items that they have bought from the seafood and meat sections to be cooked. There is also a grab-to-go counter for travellers looking to get a quick bite before a flight. Its bakery, Bonjour, is also available there.

Apart from just travellers, Jaya Grocer is also tapping into the large group of people working at the airport who are looking to pick up their groceries before they head back home.

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