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Frequently Asked Questions

klia2 Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are posted here for your references. This list of questions & answers is far from completion and more will be added from time to time.

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Q. What is klia2
The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (klia2) is built to be Malaysia's Next Generation Hub - International Airport Hub - that allows seamless connectivity for both local and international low-cost plus full-service carriers.

Built with bigger capacity and superior facilities to accommodate 45 million passengers a year, replacing the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) once it's ready, the klia2 is geared to cater the explosive growth of low cost travel.
Q. When will klia2 be operational
The klia2 is fully operational on 2 May 2014. AirAsia moved into klia2 and started operating at klia2 effective from 9 May 2014.
Q. What is the address of klia2
Terminal klia2,
KL International Airport,
Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA,
Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia.
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Q. How to contact klia2 management
Management Office,
Level 1, Terminal klia2, KL International Airport,
Jalan klia 2/1 64000 KLIA,
Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +(603) 4065 0005
Fax: +(603) 4065 0008
Q. Are there any information counters at the klia2
There are 6 information counters located throughout the klia2 terminal.

These counters are located at Level 2 Arrival Hall and Level 3 Departure Hall in both Main Terminal and Satellite Buildings.

Information assistants are at the counter 24-hours to assist with visitor inquiries.
Counter Contact
General Line 03 - 8778 5000
Information Counters +603 8778 5540
^603 8778 5541
+603 8778 5542

Q. How can I contact Immigration department at klia2?
Passengers are advised to check with the Malaysian Consulate or representative office nearest to you for the Visa requirements before planning a trip to Malaysia.
Counter Contact
(Operations Division)
+603 8778 5468
+603 8778 5462
+603 8778 5463

Q. What's facilities available at klia2
Measured to be at least 257,000 sqm, with 60 gates, 8 remote stands, 80 aerobridges, plus a retail space of 32,000 sqm to accommodate 225 retail outlets, the klia2 is spectacular. Read more about facilities available at klia2.

Review the hotels near klia2.
Q. What are the shops at klia2
The combined retail space at the gateway@klia2 mall (32,516 m2) and airside (35,000 m2) occupied about 13.6% of the total floor space. check out the list of shops at klia2.
Q. Where is klia2
klia2 is located less than 2km away from existing Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). A free shuttle transfer is available to connect you from klia2 to KLIA or vice versa. Read more on where is klia2.

You can check out the Transportation Guide on how to go to klia2 from various locations.
Q. What is the layout plan for klia2
You can review the klia2 layout plan, and also check out the Departures area and Arrivals area.
Q. What airline companies are using klia2
klia2 now houses AirAsia, AirAsia X, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia and AirAsia Zest - which accounts for 80% of passenger traffic - as well as Jetstar Asia, TigerAir / Scoot and Cebu Pacific Airways.

You can check the flight schedule and status for klia2 terminal.

Review the airlines operating at KLIA.
Q. What's the latest news on klia2
You can review the latest news on klia2, see the latest photos on klia2, and watch some videos on klia2.
Q. What are the special attractions at the klia2
klia2 has some awesome attractions, featuring Airport in a mall - gateway@klia2, Tower West, Skybridge, Runway 3.
Q. Is there any post office at the klia2
No. Post office is not available at the klia2. However, post office is available at KLIA, a terminal just 2km away from klia2. Read more on postal service at KLIA.
Q. Is there any smoking area at klia2
Smoking is strongly discouraged at Malaysia Airports and is strictly forbidden in any of its offices, buildings, workshops or worksites, with the sole exception of the specifically designated smoking areas at klia2.

AirAsia flight waiting at klia2 terminal
AirAsia flight waiting at klia2 terminal

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Q. Can I see the location map of the klia2
This driving guide to the klia2 will show you several location maps and directions to the klia2.
Q. How do I drive to the klia2
If you are driving to the klia2, this driving guide to the klia2 may be helpful.

Review tool to check toll fare.
Q. What are the buses going to klia2
Many buses perform regular service routes to the klia2. See the full list of buses to klia2.
Q. Buses are available at these locations to go to klia2
Q. How much is the taxi charge to klia2
Depending on your location, you can review the taxi charges here to get an estimate. If you are at the klia2 and you need to hire a taxi, you can check out this guide on hiring taxi services at the klia2.

Review tool to check taxi fare.
Q. Bus to go to Perak, Penang, Kedah, Perlis, or Thailand
First, use the Star Shuttle to go to Hentian Puduraya / Pudu Sentral and then buy the bus ticket at the Puduraya for your next destination.
Q. Bus to go to Pahang, Terengganu or Kelantan
First, you can take the buses or trains at the klia2 to KL Sentral then take the KTM Komuter at the KL Sentral to the Putra KTM station. The Hentian Putra Bus Terminal is just short walking distance away for you to buy bus ticket to Pahang, Terengganu or Kelantan.
Q. What are the bus companies servicing the klia2
Q. Any Express Rail Link (ERL) to klia2
Both the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trains perform regular service routes from KL Sentral to klia2. Inter-terminal transfer between KLIA and klia2 is also available for RM2.00 per trip with a 3 minutes train ride.

Review tool to check KLIA Transit fare.
Q. Does the LRT or MRT go to klia2
Not directly. You can take the LRT or MRT to the KL Sentral and then use the ERL train to go the klia2.

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Q. Does the KTM Komuter go to klia2
Not directly. You can take the KTM Komuter to the Nilai Komuter station and then ride the shuttle bus to the klia2.

Review tool to check KTM Kmouter fare.
Q. Any rental car services at klia2
The car rental services are available at the Transportation hub located at the Level 1 of the gateway@klia2.
Q. What's transportation option available at klia2
The Transportation hub located at the gateway@klia2 provides many options for the travellers to continue their journey to the next destinations.
Flights arriving at the klia2
Flights arriving at the klia2