A fully automated baggage system is provided for faster and more efficient sorting of bags at klia2 terminal. And with such an upgrade, klia2 baggage handling system would be at par with the KLIA's Main Terminal Building. Here are some relevant articles that may be useful:

At the klia2's Departure Hall, there are 4 islands with a total of 128 Common User Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) check-in counters, identified by alphabets S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. There are also 55 self-service check-in kiosks and lots of seating areas.

Check-in counters, Departure Hall
Check-in counters at the Departure Hall
Check-in counters, Departure Hall
Check-in counters at the Departure Hall
The check-in and luggage drop counters are divided into 8 rows located in 4 islands, each row identified by the letters S - Z. The check-in counters will be opened three hours before scheduled departure time, and will be closed one hour before scheduled departure time.

Check-in counters at the Departure Hall
Check-in counters at the klia2's Departure Hall

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Baggage Services

Oversized Baggage

To be dropped off by passengers at the 'Out of Gauge' counter prior to Domestic departure. For International departure, it is located on the right of check-in island row Z (adjacent to Airlines office).

Baggage Storage

Left Luggage Service is available at Domestic Arrival Level 2. It operates on a 24-hour basis for a fee.

Lost Baggage

Airlines's Baggage Tracing Office is located at Arrival hall for both International and Domestic flights.

Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels

International bound passengers must declare all LAG at security screening checkpoints. Containers of not more than 100ml each shall be required to be carried in one standard transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity not greater than 1 litre.

The bag must be presented separately from hand luggage at the security screening checkpoints. In excess to the allowable quantity, liquids, aerosols and gels should be kept in the checked-in baggage. Medicines, baby food/milk and special dietary requirements required on board during the flight are allowed (must be verified by airport security) and do not need to be carried in plastic bags.

Baggage Screening

Checked-in luggage is screened by aviation security using the in-line baggage screening system once checked-in for both Domestic and International flights.

At the Departure Hall of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), a total of 216 check-in counters, located in 6 different islands, identified by the letters A - M (excluding I).

Check-in counters area on Level 5 of KLIA Main Terminal Building
Check-in counters and luggage drop area on Level 5
Multi check-in services designed for the use of all passengers arriving, departing or in transit are available at KLIA's Departure Hall.

Check-in counters area and check-in kiosk available at Level 5
Check-in counters and check-in kiosk available at KLIA's Departure Hall
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klia2 baggage system upgrade to cost MAHB RM100 million more

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) would be upgrading the baggage system at the new low-cost carrier terminal, klia2, to be fully automated based on requests made by airlines and this would cost the airport operator an additional RM100mil and push the completion date beyond October 2012, sources said.

It involves redesigning the original baggage system planned for the airport and hacking parts of the airport, which is already 40% complete.

The decision on the upgrade of the baggage system only came recently following discussions with airlines, the source said.

The original plan was to have a semi-automated system and now the contracts which were awarded early this year would have to be revised.

MAHB would be holding a press conference tomorrow to provide updates on klia2.

klia2, once completed, would be the most modern low-cost air terminal in Asia to cater for more than 30 million passengers and it would also have the longest skybridge in Asia.

The airport is no longer based on its original design where its terminal building was to be sited on a 150,000 sqm area.

To meet regulatory requirements for segregation of international and domestic passengers, the terminal will now be almost double its original size at 255,000 sqm.

“With a bigger terminal building that has a longer runaway and so many other requests made by airlines, including the new baggage system upgrade, the cost to build klia2 will go up to about RM4bil.

“Whatever the reasons, the changes have been made to accommodate the airlines because they would be using the terminal eventually.

“It should be the most modern to meet future requirements,” said another source.

A fully automated baggage system would provide for faster and more efficient sorting of bags and with such an upgrade, klia2 baggage system would be at par with the KLIA main terminal building.

A lot of the additional requests came at the point when the designs were already done and the construction had begun,” said the source.

RAM Ratings, meanwhile, reaffirmed the respective long and short-term ratings of AAA and P1 for Malaysia Airports Capital Bhd's (MACB)RM3.10bil Islamic medium-term notes programme (2010/2025) and RM1bil Islamic commercial paper programme (2010/2017).

Both facilities have a combined limit of RM3.1 billion in nominal value and are collectively referred to as “the sukuk”. The long-term rating has a stable outlook.

It said MACB was a special-purpose vehicle set up by MAHB to undertake the issuance of the sukuk for the latter.

MAHB is the exclusive 25-year concession holder that operates, manages and maintains the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and 39 other airports in the country.

Operating out of the Penang International Airport and Subang Skypark Terminal, the Firefly airlines provides connections to various points within Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Singapore and Sumatera of Indonesia, aligning itself with the Indonesia - Malaysia - Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) agenda.

Firefly's check-in counters
Firefly's check-in counters at the Subang Skypark Terminal

Baggage information: